Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Synopsis is Back!!!

After discontinuing my Sunday Synopsis a couple of months ago, I have been doing some thinking and have decided to bring it back!  Why?  Because it not only helps me stay organized, but I also like to share some news and links that I discover on a regular basis.  I'm changing it up a bit . . . some of my old categories will stay, but I'm also adding a few new ones!  I will also be including at the end of every month a quick challenge update.  So, bare with me as I summarize the last couple of months to catch all of you (and myself!) up.  And, most importantly, enjoy!

Fairy Tale Friday Features:
The Stand Read-A-Long Check-Ins:
Armchair BEA Specials:
Other Writings:
Giveaways:  3 Years, 3 Giveways (closing tonight at midnight CST)

Around the Blogosphere:
Coming This Week:
  • Literary Locals:  June 2010
  • Prize Box Updated & Giveaway Winners Announced!
  • Armchair BEA:  Wrap-Up Post & Personal Highlights
  • The Stand Read-A-Long:  The True Wrap-Up
  • Review:  The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
  • Fairy Tale Fridays:  Strega Nona
  • Sunday Synopsis:  June 6, 2010

Monthly Challenge Check-In


  1.'ve been very, very busy! I like how organized you are.

  2. I like this idea. I thought I was signed up to do Sunday Salon, but apparently I wasn't. Now that they've closed that down, I've wondered about wrapping up my week. This looks like a good way of bringing it all together, and it also shows how completely busy you've been! :)

  3. Peaceful Reader . . . LOL!! You know, I like to think I'm organized, but then again . . . I posted this on Monday and not Sunday! Maybe not so much as I would like!! :)

    mjmbecky . . . It helps me to realize what I've done (or what I haven't done!). It can be a great motivator!! :)


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