Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Stand Read-A-Long: Check-In #2

It's that time again to check in on our read-a-thon for The Stand!!!  I've listed only a couple of questions for this week, so just go with it and be creative!  I'm curious to know where everyone is at and what you all think!!

Where are you currently at in the book (e.g., page, chapter, description)?

I am currently on page 286 of 1153 or Chapter 34.

What are your thoughts so far?

I am still enjoying the book, particularly many of the characters.  I really like Stu Redman, Frannie Goldsmith, and of course, Nick Andros.  They all seem to have a good heart, even despite their flaws.  I also love to hate Randall Flagg and Lloyd . . . and, I'm about to start the chapter where the Trashcan Man is introduced.  I remember truly disliking this latter character in my first read of the book.

The focus on the superflu, particularly when it compares to Swine Flu (which it actually does in this book!), is disturbing.  I work on a college campus and witnessed just this last fall quarantines of student populations, fear of the outbreak of this virus, and the many symptoms being spread in my office alone.  Then, you have those days, where you are sitting in your car at Walmart and the cream of the crop comes hacking at your door, attempting to get into his own car.  Coughing without covering, spitting, and completely making me wince!  Nasty and particularly disconcerting when I happen to be in the middle of deaths from dear "Captain Tripps"!  I don't remember being this disgusted on my first read of The Stand!  But, then again, maybe I was a bit more naive to what can spread . . . I didn't feel that quarantines of the simple flu could be so real and spread like mad.  Now, I hear a simple sneeze and I'm grabbing for my anti-bacterial gel and my Lysol wipes to begin disinfecting!!  Blah!!!!

What are your thoughts currently?


  1. Sorry this is late, but I've been busy! Loving the re-read so far!

  2. Kate T . . . Glad you are loving the re-read! I'm heading over right now to read all your thoughts!!


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