Monday, May 24, 2010

Kickin' It at Armchair BEA

The time has come. Sit down in your favorite reading chair, kick up those feet, and open up your laptop.  It is the start of the First Annual Armchair BEA!!!  While many have traveled to the Big Apple to network, commiserate, and enjoy all things books, there are still many of us in the comfort of our own homes, sitting in our favorite armchairs.  Just because we are not among the big city lights, it does not mean that we cannot join in on the literary love by our own lamp light!

I've got a few posts coming up this week to showcase just a few of the many topics recommended over at the Armchair BEA official website.  If you have not yet visited, check out this fun schedule . . .

I've linked each of the ideas to the original posts, including suggested topics and ideas.  Feel free to join in, add your own thoughts and creativity to the mold, and have fun with a great community, both at home and in NYC with a special on-site correspondent!.  Afterall, it's going to 

B.E. A. PARTY!!!!


  1. I'm so glad you guys are doing this! I am envying all the BEA tweets and blogs I keep seeing...someday... :)

  2. janflora . . . The week ended up being a blast! A great substitute until we can actually make it . . . someday!! :)


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