Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Stand Read-A-Long: Check-In #4

We are coming down to the final days of The Stand Read-a-Long.  It's a bit sad really!  I think it has been fun to re-visit one of my old favorites, and to do it alongside a few others . . . some for a re-read themselves and some for a first-time read.  It is also sad because I do not know if I am going to have the book finished by our wrap-up date!!  I'm going to work really hard at completing it, but we will see what kind of time I will have available in these remaining days!!

Because this is our second to last regularly scheduled check-in, I have listed a few detailed questions for you below.  Feel free to answer them and/or share your thoughts about where you currently are in the book.  I look forward to hearing whatever it is you have to say!!

Where are you currently in the book (e.g., page, chapter, etc.)?

I am currently on page 430 of 1153.  Yikes, I've got a long way to go!!

As I have mentioned before, I believe King is truly talented at developing his characters.  Do you have one particular character that you have really become attached to or can really relate to?  Explain.

I think my favorite character is Stu Redman.  I know that I have brought this up in past read-a-long posts, but it is just something about him.  This man has experienced so much tragedy, but yet he still continues on with hope and courage.  And, I think he just seems to be one of the "good guys."  He is one of those guys that you can bring home to your parents and they will just fall in love with him!  Then again, I also really like Frannie!!  She has spunk and independence, yet a caring side as well . . . something I just seem to relate to on a more personal level!!

What are your thoughts thus far about the book?  Do you have any specific likes or dislikes?

I am still really enjoying The Stand the second time around!  It reminds me why I fell for King's writing in the first place.  However, what it really comes down to for me right now is that I wish had more time to devote to reading the book!!  I have been so busy with organizing a multitude of things beyond work that by the time I get home, I completely crash.  The Stand is a book that I can get completely lost in.  I want to continue reading it . . . BUT my dang eyes just will not stay open!  I really just want to get lost in the book, even despite the subject matter!!

What about you?

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