Review & Guest Article Policy

Do I review EVERY book I read?

No.  I once used to review everything.  I now only review those books that I believe will create good discussion, that I really want to recommend to my readers, and/or those that leave me with strong feelings in one direction or another.

Do I accept books for review from authors or publishers?

In general, no.  I do have a couple of authors/publishers that I have worked with over the years, but I prefer to support authors, publishers, and booksellers by purchasing a book for my own personal collection.  I also obtain books via the library, giveaways, gifts, or used book sales within my community.

Can you still email me with your review pitch?

Sure.  I still respond to all requests, but please do not be offended when I decline.

Do I accept guest articles from fellow bloggers, authors, publishers, and/or booksellers?

Yes.  I review and respond to all requests.  Some I accept and others I do not.  Items I consider when accepting guest articles include quality of writing, topic, relevance, discussion possibility, and timing.  To submit your idea/article, email me directly at tiftalksbooks (at) gmail (dot) com with detailed information and preferably graphics/images.