Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Book-ish Treasures!

In honor of Armchair BEA, I have decided to share some of my book-ish treasures with you!  What I am about to share with you are some of my most prized possessions, those items that I hold very close to my heart . . . . of course, right after my family!!  I have included a little story with each picture, so read on and enjoy!

Back in 2003, I attended my first ever author event and signing.  It was with James Patterson for his release of Jester that he co-wrote with Andrew Gross.  When my friend and I heard that he was going to be at a local indie, we could not pass up the opportunity!  We showed up early, got seats towards the front, and were poised to listen with interest.  It was a packed affair, but one completely worth it!  Patterson was surprisingly funny and a wonderful public speaker.  He got me hooked on author readings and signings from that day forward!

Later that year, I was lucky enough to get a part-time job working at the same indie bookstore!  And, I got in on the action of many author events!  One of my favorite was Gregory Maguire during his release of Mirror, Mirror.  I love, love, love his first adult novel, Wicked:  The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.  It was a fabulous event and I have to say, he is one of the kindest authors that I have ever met!  He was generally interested in every person he spoke with and was willing to sign a whole stack of books for me!

I wanted to include this book, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card because this was one of my surprise signings.  The author just happened to be in town for a community reading event and he agreed to stop by and sign some stock inventory.  I was lucky enough to be working the day he walked through the store doors and I helped bring him armful of books to sign, chatting briefly with him while he did so.  How could I not get a book after that?!?!  I actually read this book after meeting him, and still wonder to this day why I waited to long to crack that book!

Last, but not least, is probably my all-time favorite signing event with Khaled Hosseini!  Thankfully, I was blogging at the time I attended this one, so you can check out my thoughts and details of this reading (including a picture of the author signing) at A Conversation with Khaled Hosseini.

Other authors that I have been lucky to enjoy . . . Ivan Doig (interesting), Patrick McManus (hilarious), Pete Fromm (awesome), Elie Wiesel (inspiring!) . . . and a few that I've overheard just from working in the bookstore include Jan Brett, Chuck Palahniuk, Sherman Alexie.  I really wish that I had actually seen these ones instead of just heard!

Despite the many author events I have been to, I still cannot get enough time with them!!  I was recently looking at some events that will be offered in my area and I'm really, really hoping that I can go to many of them.  As I do, I will be posting them here at Tif Talks Books!

Who would be my dream authors to meet?  My faves that I wrote some fan mail to just the other day . . . J.K. Rowling and Stephen King . . . but, there are others I would also add to this list including Suzanne Collins, Shannon & Dean Hale, Janet Halfmann, Sandra Boyton, and so many more!!!  Maybe some day . . .

Who do you dream about meeting?


  1. I simply adore autographed books. I must organize them better.

    Great idea to photograph the autograph.

    I attended BEA in 2008 (in LA) and got a few books then. And I've also received a few from other authors as review copies.

  2. You have met some AMAZING authors! Elie Wiesel? Khaled Hosseini! Wow!

  3. I have to admit to being jealous of the signed Ender's Game.

  4. That's very cool! I would love to meet Lisa Kleypas or Barbara Mertz, or LJ Smith.

  5. Wow, you are lucky to have such treasures. I'd love to meet and have a book signed my Markus Zusak (The Book Thief).

  6. Those are some serious treasures. I'm impressed.

  7. What an amazing collection! So cool that you got to meet so many famous authors! So jealous you met Orson Scott Card! ;)

  8. I would love to meet Gregory Maguire! Lucky girl. ;)

  9. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow . . . I don't organize mine very well! They are really spread out all over the place, but my really special ones get the top shelves!!

    Emily . . . I didn't actually meet Elie Wiesel . . . just listened to him speak! Both were absolutely amazing though!!

    carolsnotebook . . . Ender's Game does not get the attention it deserves in my opinion! Amazing!!

    heidenkind . . . Sadly, I have never heard of or read any of these authors! :(

    Kathleen . . . I just keep hearing amazing things about Zusak and The Book Thief! I really need to give in to the peer pressure on this one!

    Brimful Curiousities . . . Thank you!! :)

    Alexia561 . . . Working in a fairly large bookstore a while back really helped to add to my collection!!

    Kristen M. . . . He was amazing!! I would love to see him again someday!!


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