Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010-2011 Challenges

It's that time of year to wrap up the year and start thinking ahead to 2011.  With this post, I am simply going to be talking challenges because it will take up enough space without having to discuss goals, too!  Let's start with 2010, using one word . . . FAIL!!!!  I have really done absolutely horrible with my challenges this past year and I am very disappointed in myself.  I'm not going to drown in my sorrows though!  I am simply going to move on to my new challenges.  Afterall, challenges are supposed to be fun!

The 2010 Challenges

  1. The Stephen King/Richard Bachman Challenge:  Still going . . .
  2. The Flashback Challenge:  Succeeded and surpassed with 9/6!
  3. 2010 100+ Reading Challenge:  Was way short at 47/100.
  4. 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge:  Made it half-way at 23/50.
  5. 2010 A to Z Reading Challenge:  Sadly, only 12/26.
  6. 2010 Young Readers Challenge:  Just finished at 12/12!!
  7. 451 Challenge:  Failed miserably at 1/4, including posting the wrap-up a month late!
  8. 2010 Audiobook Challenge:  Only 7/20 . . . I took a break from audio in the summer and have not yet returned.  Sad, I know!
  9. Take Another Chance Challenge:  Miserable failure with only .5 of 6!

The 2011 Challenges:

  1. The Stephen King/Richard Bachman Challenge (It's perpetual!)
  2. 2011 Graphic Novels Challenge
  3. Off The Shelf Challenge
  4. Young Readers Challenge
  5. Take A Chance Challenge 3
  6. 2011 Young Adult Reading Challenge
  7. The Dewey Decimal Challenge
  8. 100+ Reading Challenge of 2011
  9. Fairy Tale Challenge  (Hosted by me!!)

I was really hoping to limit my challenges to a minimum of 5 this year, but I could not limit myself!!  Oh well!!  It's still fewer than last year . . . but who knows if others may come along the way!!

Which challenges are you participating in during 2011?  Do you feel like I'm missing any on my list?


  1. Good luck with your 2011 challenges. You left me a message about recommended graphic novels. I highly recommend the Fables series which are about fairy tale characters. Also Nightmares and Fairy Tales and Gloom Cookie for gothic fairy tale fun. The Sandman books are excellent too.

  2. Rhinoa . . . Thank you so much for the recommendations! I have heard so much about Fables and really need to see if I can get my hands on them! The others sound good, too! I'm excited to read them!

  3. That's a lot of challenges, good luck with all of them.

    This is the first time I've participated in an 'official' challenge, with specific goals - previously I'd set myself challenges (mostly as a result of the bookclub I'm in) - eg. reading more poetry, Shakespeare plays and non-fiction, trying to read at least fifty books a year etc.

  4. Tracy . . . And, I thought I was doing better at signing up for less than last year!! I like setting little goals for myself and expanding my reading, but I really am not good at actually completely them! We'll see how I do this year!


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