Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Synopsis: August 1, 2010

Wow!  I cannot believe that it is already August!  Where has the time gone?!?!  Where has this last week gone?!?  I was home all week on vacation, so I was able to spend some great time with my kids, reading lots, and completing many a task.  I just wish I had a few more days to finish a few projects and read!!

Whatever the case may be, I still have to return to work tomorrow and I still have a lot of information to share here this evening, so let's get to it . . . 

A recap of the posts for this week . . . 

One thing I was able to get accomplished this past week was to finally get through my dreaded Google Reader, catching up on all things blog-ish!  Because of being so far behind, I've got a lot of great links for you.  Check it out!!
  • The Book Chook writes Help Kids Become Readers and Writers, explaining how we can incorporate reading and writing into our everyday life, with timing as the key!
  • Imagination Soup (one of my new favorite blogs to read by the way!) examines ways to Encourage Your Child's Creativity.  What if . . . we all tried this tactic with the children in our lives?!?  
  • One of my ol' blog favorites, Sara Dobie takes a closer look over on her blog as to Why We Love Harry Potter.  Sara goes beyond just the writing and the story.  She discusses this love and how it relates to our comfort and society during this day and age.  
  • Rebecca over at Lost in Books passed on an award to me . . . Bodacious Blog Award.  Despite my delay in receiving it because of being so far behind, I am still so very thankful and cannot thank Rebecca enough!  And, to make sure that I'm following the rules, here is a quick list of my last five reads, with most recent first:  (1)  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling; (2) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling; (3) Magic Tree House #8:  Midnight on the Moon by Mary Pope Osborne; (4) Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult; and (5) Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.

Once again, it is time to check in on my current challenges.  I must say that by doing this monthly check-in, I am definitely more aware of where I stand in my challenges.  Unfortunately, that does not necessarily reciprocate into being more successful!  Let's start off with the one challenge that ended yesterday . . .
Sadly, I was unable to finish this challenge, but I hope to within the next couple of weeks.  I have LOVED re-visiting this series and do not intend to stop now!

Now for the remainder of my current challenges . . .
  1. Take Another Chance Challenge (0.5 of 6)
  2. 2010 Audiobook Challenge (5 of 20)
  3. 451 Challenge (1 of 4)
  4. 2010 Young Readers Challenge (11 of 12)
  5. 2010 A to Z Reading Challenge (8 of 26)
  6. 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge (10 of 50)
  7. 2010 100+ Reading Challenge (30 of 100)
  8. Flashback Challenge (5 of 7)
  9. James Patterson Reading Challenge (0 of 10) -- Ends August 15th!!!!!
  10. The Stephen King/Richard Bachman Challenge (Perpetual)

Don't forget that I will be participating in Once Upon a Week this week hosted by Today's Adventure!  Be watching for some additional fairy tale love besides the usual Friday!  First one will hopefully post tomorrow!

And, last but not least, I have to announce the winner of Choose My Next Adventure!  It was a VERY close vote, but a winner did result in the end.  During the month of August, I will not only be completing the Harry Potter series, but I will also be reading . . . 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Yippee!!  I am really looking forward to this series and cannot wait to share with you as I read them!  Be watching for posts about all things series this month, including the highly anticipated finale to The Hunger Games . . . Mockingjay!

What series will you be reading this month?


  1. Congrats on your challenges. I need to be reading right now for mine. ;)

    As far as another month bites the dust, I hear ya. This year is zooming by.

    I'll be on the lookout for the series post. I think I have a few series books on my shelf right now.

  2. J. Kaye . . . Thank you! I'm working very slowly and hoping for a big pick-up in the reading this month! Like I said . . . August is my read-a-thon month!! :)

  3. I cannot believe it's already August either! Think you're doing better than I am with your challenges! :o

    I keep telling myself not to stress about them, as challenges are supposed to be fun. Haven't convinced myself of that yet. *L*

    Happy reading!

  4. Thanks for the shout out on my Harry Potter blog! I also must say, I think it's weird that we're not only both reading Harry Potter right now, but that we're also both reading Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Have you started it yet? I'm having trouble getting into it. I think this dude's writing style is boring.

  5. Alexia561 . . . I know!!! Where has the time gone?!? I still have so far to go on some of these challenges, but you are right . . . this is supposed to be fun! Gotta work on this myself!! :)

    saradobie . . . You are so welcome!! I am going to finish HP4 and then start Dragon Tattoo. I'm hoping that it will be this weekend, so I will keep you posted!!


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