Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

It is time for another visit of Rowling's classics, with the focus this time on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  Keeping with my original plan to simply share brief thoughts, some of my favorite quotes, and a quick wizarding recipe, I will get straight to it!

Chamber of Secrets is my second to least favorite book of the Harry Potter series, but it would still get full rankings in the long run.  It covers much needed information, introduces us to some very important characters, and some very important pieces of history (for those that know how the book ends).  In fact, throughout this re-read I found some great quotes that I have listed for you below.

"No," said Ron, without hesitation.  "Hearing voices no one else can hear isn't a good sign, even in the wizarding world."  (p. 145)

"Because that's what Hermoine does," said Ron, shrugging.  "When in doubt, go to the library." (p. 255)

The last one, I actually believe may contain a spoiler for those that have not yet read the book (therefore, I've made it so you have to highlight it to read it).  Who knew something so blatant was written in one of the first books?!?!

"Voldemort put a bit of himself in me?" Harry said, thunderstruck.  (p. 333)

Amazing, isn't it?!?!

Now, for the fun stuff!!  I had a hard time deciding which recipe to go with this time, but I finally decided on one that is simple, but very yummy.  In fact, I can guarantee that you will choose this little drink over troll bogies anyday!!  (Sorry, no picture this time!  And, this could have been a good one!)


What you need:
Lime Sherbert

1.  Simply scoop a bit of lime sherbert into a cup, preferably one that is see-through!
2.  Pour Sprite over the top of the sherbert, filling the cup.
3.  Wait a few minutes for the mucus to set and drink the best snot you will ever taste!


  1. Wow! I wouldn't have noticed that spoiler, though I've read all the books. She really does give it away, doesn't she? Great find! Love the recipe too! :o)

  2. Chamber of Secrets I think is my favorite of all the books! I love how funny it is. My favorite scene is where Harry gets all those Valentines. So cute!

  3. The1stdaughter . . . I know!! I had to re-read that line a few times before it clicked! I was like . . . "What?!?!" I hope you enjoy a little dragon snot with Turkeybird! :)

    heidenkind . . . No way!! I think the Valentine's is pretty funny though!! Either way, I LOVE all of the books!! I think I still stand by the third being my favorite though!

  4. LOL! I agree with Ron. That's not a good sign. :)

  5. J. Kaye . . . Ron is my favorite character of the whole series! He always cracks me up with comments like these! Have I convinced you to read the series yet?!? :)

  6. Actually, Tif, I tried when they first came out. I didn't like the author's writing style. I love the movies though.

  7. Crap! I think I just spoiled it for myself. I was like well I've seen the movies through Goblet of Fire, so I'm sure it's nothing. But then I think I might have just realized what the secret's been the whole time! Boo for me.

    And that Lime Sherbet and sprite sounds good except the melting into snot part, but I guess that is the "fun" of it, too. HP stuff is too gross for me, lol.

  8. J. Kaye . . . I guess that will have to do! :) Despite the differing of opinions on the movies when compared to the books, I really do enjoy the movies myself too! I cannot wait for the final two!! Have you seen the trailer yet?

    Rebecca :) . . . OH NO!!!!! I am so sorry!!!! BUT, no worries! You still don't know everything and the story will be fun to read to figure out what still happens and all the details!! Crap, now I feel bad!

  9. Tif, I haven't, but sadly I know how it will end. I overheard the kids talking about it. :(

  10. J. Kaye . . . I recommend the trailer! It is absolutely amazing and gets me completely pumped for the movies!! And, I really don't believe it matters if you know how it ends. The journey is pretty amazing to get there!!

  11. Cool that you whited out the spoiler. :) This really makes me want to re-read these!
    And I LOVE the library quote.

  12. I'm sure that by the end of your project you will have me doing a series re-read! And Z is going to love Dragon Snot!

  13. Tiffany Norris . . . I'm glad you enjoyed the non-spoiler!! :) And, I cannot completely relate to the library quote!!

    Kristen M. . . . Score!! :) And, really . . . what little boy would NOT love dragon snot?!? The name usually has them sold!!


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