Thursday, January 8, 2015

The BEST of 2014: Books, Pics, & Posts

Yesterday, I shared with you the complete list of the books that I read in 2014.  Today is the day that I break down the BEST . . . the BEST reads, the BEST posts, and the BEST pics from last year.  Buckle up and let the BEST ride begin!!

The BEST of the BLOG

I reviewed all the posts from 2014 here at Tif Talks Books, and narrowed them down to the TOP 5 (in no particular order) thanks to the most hits and the most comments.  Four of them came from big events that I participated in, but the final one was where I decided to open up about a personal side of me that I have never shared before.
  1. Bloggiesta Challenge:  Get Organized {Evernote + More}
  2. Dewey's Readathon:  April 2014
  3. Monday Maunder:  Armchair BEA -- Introductions & Literature
  4. Armchair BEA:  Author Interaction & More Than Just Words
  5. Monday Maunder:  Breaking My Silence
Were there other posts from the blog that stood out to you in 2014?

The BEST of the PICS

Switching gears to the TOP pics that I shared on Instagram in 2014.  Please note that all pictures shared on Instagram are taken only with my smart phone.  Most of the pictures that I share in my Wordless Wednesday posts are taken with my good ol' camera and tend to be my personal favorites . . . most of the time!  These TOP 5 pics are listed in descending order based upon the number of likes they received (the number of likes at the time of this posting are in parantheses next to each title), with the top pic being the last one. 

October Readathon Stack (32)

Christmas Goodies #2 (35)

Library Book Sale (36)

Christmas Goodies #3 (38)

Big Horn Sheep (47)

Have any other images, either from Instagram or my Wordless Wednesday caught your eye?

The BEST of the BOOKS

Last, but not least, let's take a look at my favorite reads.  Whereas I covered the TOP 5 in the above two lists, my favorite reads will look at my TOP 10.  It is harder to narrow down my favorite reads!  I am going to break it down to my personal BEST reads, but will follow it up with a slightly shorter list of HONORABLE MENTIONS for the year.  (Please note that these are from the books that I personally read in 2014, not necessarily published in 2014.)  I have also linked up to my reviews, for those that are available.

Starting with my BEST reads, in no particular order . . . 

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga

The following books may not have made the BEST list, but they are still worth mentioning as HONORABLE MENTIONS because they were still that good . . . 

Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Okay, that last one was not a single book, but the series.  I have not yet read the whole series, but I am sure having fun with it and look forward to reading the remaining series in 2015!

What were your favorite reads of the year?


  1. Great list of your "best of, Tif. I just read your Monday Meanderings post and it's beautiful. And you've reminded me Ready Player One is on my to-read stack, waiting for me!

    1. Belle Wong ... Thank you, thank you! Definitely have to read Ready Player One. Loved that book. It was so much fun!!

  2. Great best of list! I don't know if I saw that pic of the Bighorn Sheep or not. I can't remember. But it is cool, nonetheless! Don't get many of those in NC. ;)

    1. Becca Lostinbooks ... Thank you! We actually almost hit the bighorn sheep with our car. It was a pretty cool moment!

  3. I adored Clockwork Princess too. It was my favorite of the series. I'm glad you liked it enough to put on your best of the best post.

    1. Jenni Elyse ... It was all about that ending! I loved it!!

  4. Love that library sale and Christmas goodies photos. I want to read just about every book on your best of list!! Hope 2015 is a year full of laughter, love and good books!

    1. Tanya @ Moms Small Victories ... Thank you so much! And, right back at ya!! :)


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