Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday Synopsis: July 5, 2010

Once again, I am late in posting my Sunday Synopsis!  We welcomed some visitors last Friday for the weekend, and we have been having so much fun visiting and exploring that I simply have not had a chance to do my weekly wrap-up post!  I may be a day late, but I am here for a few different things to share with you today!

First things first, what did I get posted this last week?
  • Literary Locals:  July 2010 & Giveaway . . . Did I mention a giveaway?!?!  Just guess the author and location and those who are correct will be entered in a drawing to be announced during next month's Literary Locals feature!!!
  • Fairy Tale Fridays:  Taking An Independent Break . . . I simply did not have time to post this week thanks to a very hectic week.  Be sure to check back this Friday for Johnny Appleseed and other American Tall Tales featured by my fellow participants!

What's expected for this week?  Just about the same thing that I posted last week, with one very hopeful addition!!
  • The Stand Read-A-Long Wrap-Up
  • The Book Chook Cook Book, featuring Cooking With Kids!!!!!
  • My Book Addiction
  • Choose My Next Adventure
  • Review:  Only in New York Darling! by Virginie Sommet
  • Fairy Tale Fridays:  An American Tale, Johnny Appleseed
  • Sunday Synopsis:  July 11, 2010

And, since it is the beginning of the month, I also wanted to do a quick challenge check-in (I've got some catching up to do if I'm going to be avoiding a massive fail in the next couple of months!) . . . 

I'm hoping to have more luck this week with posts and reading, but we can only wait and see!  I'm throwing a birthday party for my daughter on Saturday and still have a few things to do for it to be completely ready.  I also have a ton of side projects to do for a position that I volunteer for that I just keep putting off!  Wish me luck!!  In the meantime, I'm off to my book club  . . .  that sadly, I did not finish the book in time again!  VERY disappointing, especially this month since it is a very good book for discussion, particularly with our demographic of participants!  I will keep you posted on it if it goes as well as I think it will!  

Until next time, I hope you had a great Independence Day if you were in the States!!  If not, I hope you had a great weekend!  And, here's to a great week for ALL!!  :)


  1. Hope you are having a marvelous holiday weekend too. I was able to get lots of writing done, which was my goal. This month will be crazy...can't believe that I am wanting it to be

  2. I'm hopeful on the Cook Book too! Better stop browsing blogs and do something about it!

  3. J. Kaye . . . Lots of writing must have meant a great weekend for you!! Woohoo!! Things are finally starting to slow down for me. I have a week of vacation at the end of the month and cannot wait for it to get here!!

    The Book Chook . . . LOL!! Plus, it would help if I actually emailed you back sooner! I emailed you tonight!! :)


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