Thursday, July 1, 2010

Literary Locals: July 2010

This month for Literary Locals, we are journeying to yet another literary destination; however, this time I'm putting a little spin on it!  I am going to share some photos with you, give a few clues, and then you will get to guess the location and author that I am featuring this month (and become eligible to win a prize)!  Here it goes . . .

Clue #1:  The man in question is better known for his pen name than his real name.

Clue #2:  This great American author created a club known as The Angel Fish and Aquarium Club.

Clue #3:  He was a man that came in with Halley's Comet and also went out with it.

Clue #4:  The first "break-through" piece of work for this author was published in November 1865.

Clue #5:  The author was a huge supporter of civil rights, from abolition and emancipation to women's rights and beyond.

Can you guess not only the author that I speak of, but also the location?  Complete the form below with your guesses, and I will enter you for a book out of my prize box (updating soon)!  The winner and answers will be announced during next month's Literary Locals feature.  Answers will be accepted until Sunday, July 25, 2010 Midnight CST.  Only one guess per person.  **PLEASE DO NOT GUESS IN THE COMMENT SECTION!!**

What was your monthly Literary Local feature?  Please share!

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