Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Maunder: February 4, 2013


Reading was a bit slower this week.  I did finish Y:  The Last Man Deluxe Edition Book Two by Brian K. Vaughan, then started Creative Journal Writing:  The Art and Heart of Reflection by Stephanie Dowrick.  I had every intention of participating in The Big Game's On Read-a-thon, but that was a total failure.  I didn't get a single page read yesterday!

I have no idea what book will be up next.  I will keep you posted!

What are you reading this week?


Blogging, on the other hand, was a complete success!!  As I've previously mentioned, I was taking the month of January to make some major updates to my site via A Blog Face-Lift.  In addition, I participated in the Mini Bloggiesta over the weekend.  This means that I get to report all the awesomeness that was completed. Let's start with the Bloggiesta list:

  • Catch up on Emails.
  • Catch up on Google Reader.
  • Focus on Top Menu.
  • Create New Button Art.
  • Write and Schedule Posts.
  • Catalogue Books.  (I didn't get even close to doing all of them, but I knocked out about 100+!)

Now, for the big list from my month-long improvements:
  • Back-Up Blog.  (Probably need to do this again after all my changes!)
  • Update Sidebar Content.  (Still want to fix the Special Interests list.)
  • Revamp Top Menu.
  • Update Alphabetical Index.  (Started, at least!)
  • Update Review Policy.
  • Update Contact Information.
  • Re-Evaluate Regular Features. (Still considering a few things here!  More info to come!)
  • Investigate Statistical Trackers.  (Sticking with what I currently have!)
  • Update Photo.
  • Create New Button Art.
  • Re-Evaluate Blog Settings.

Yes, there are some duplicates!  I am still working on some of these tasks, but I have to say that I am happy with the changes.  You should click on over to the site and check it out for yourself!

Winners for all giveaways hosted on this site have been contacted and I have heard from all winners!  Congratulations to Renee, Becca, Anita, Jessy, Ann, and Rhonda!!  I do have some swag giveaways (aka signed bookmarks!) from Bloggiesta that I will be drawing for and contacting winners in the next few days!  Be watching your email!

What do you think of all the new stuff?!?  Any recommendations for future changes?!?


Writing was weak again this week, but I have been doing some "research" if you may.  As you can see, I've been reading some books on journaling.  I've got these ideas in my head for a variety of writing projects and these books are doing just what I need for a bit of research and background information.  Though I have not written much of anything this last week, I do feel like I am gaining in this category as a whole, at least for the moment.

How do you research for your writing projects? Does journaling inspire other writing projects for you? 


I have two things to report here this week.  First, I am back to working out again!  The last couple of weeks, I have moved to three days per week.  I'm shooting for at least four days this week!  Wish me luck!

Secondly, as I mentioned briefly above, I have begun to catalogue my books as I pack them into boxes.  It is very likely that most of my books will be in storage for a bit while we are in the midst of our moves the next couple of years.  I want to make sure that I do not end up with duplicate books or read something that I already have (without meaning to!).  Seeing the books taped into the boxes have brought me a bit of sadness.  This move and the selling of our home has now become real.  I think I'm going to need a bit of luck here as well to live without my books!

How was your overall week?  Do you need me to wish you luck on anything?


  1. I'm reading Gillian Flynn's SHARP OBJECTS

    1. techeditor ... I have Flynn's Gone Girl on my shelf to read, but haven't heard of this one. Is it good?

    2. Tif, I loved Sharp Objects, but couldn't get into Gone Girl. Actually, I loved her first two books.

    3. Amateur Novelist ... This is good to know! I had not heard of Flynn until Gone Girl. Looks like I need to find some more books!

  2. Ack! I just remembered! I have a copy of Y The Last Man! How did I forget that??? I need to dig that out!

    1. Heather ... Definitely recommend it! Let me know when you read it. I want to hear your thoughts!

  3. Aww, wishing you best of luck with the move and the working out! You're doing awesome with all the blog goals, so you'll succeed in them too :)
    On reading, I just found out that the book I read is missing 17 pages! 17! So sad, and angry :/
    On writing, I joined that perpetuall challenge to write certain number of words daily.. I'm alternating between writing some personal stories amd blog posts... it's working well so far, but with new semester starting next week, I will have to try harder :?

  4. Topcho ... Thank you so much!! I can't believe your book was missing 17 pages. A LOT can happen in 17 pages!! Good luck with your writing challenge! I am trying to write a little bit every day myself. Maybe I should look into that one. Do you have a link?!?

  5. Yeah... it's right in the middle of the book, 20 pages are repeated and instead those 17 are missing... I just hope that if it's something major in the plot, it will become more or less clear later in the book.. This is the wordcount challenge :)

    1. Topcho ... Thanks for the link! I am definitely going to check it out! And, good luck with the book!

  6. First of all, OMG, you accomplished so much! Second is about the journaling question. I go through phases with journaling or did before blogging. The process grounds me, rather than inspires. I'm able to focus better.

    1. Amateur Novelist ... Thank you! I feel so accomplished after the month of January! Let's hope it continues!

      I'm not exactly sure what I'm really looking for from journaling, but I am seeing multiple benefits! Now, I just need to write more instead of just reading about it! :)


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