Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fables #6: Homelands by Bill Willingham

Homelands is the sixth installment of the graphic novel series Fables by Bill Willingham.  The series is one that took me by surprise, by its depth, its beauty, and its pure entertainment.  Homelands continues to impress by expanding on the story of two of the main characters.

We are first introduced to Jack and his latest adventures ... well, until his shenanigans are put to an end, being banished for good and going off the Fables radar.  The story then turns to Little Boy Blue as he travels back into the Homelands to seek out the adversary and discover the identity of this enemy once and for all.  This young soldier faces a multitude of challenges, leaving the reader with one question ... Will Boy Blue survive?

Jack's story was simply okay for me.  He is a troublemaker, stirring up storms wherever he goes and I believe his ultimate punishment is deserved ... whatever it may be.  When the focus moved to Boy Blue, the story really begins to take off.  His character has so much more history than we have previously seen.  We discover the depth of his bravery, love, and loyalty, turning this young man into one of my favorite characters of the series so far.  As the identity of the adversary unfolds, I was continually shocked and cannot wait to see what Willingham and the artists bring us in future Fables novels.

As usual, this series is for mature eyes only!

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For my fellow Fables fans, who is your favorite character in the series?  Did any take you by surprise?  (No spoilers please!)

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