Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Locke & Key #2: Head Games by Joe Hill

When I read the first in Hill's graphic novel series Locke & Key, I was horrified by the reality, yet I was drawn to his characters and unable to set the book down.  In the second of the series, Head Games, I became even more hooked.

The Lockes have experienced a brutal tragedy in their family, uprooting them to move back to the father's childhood home, Key House.  They have no idea that the house has so many deadly secrets of its own to unlock, complicating the family's healing and leaving them trying to survive as the father's murderer returns.

In the first of the series, we were introduced to the Locke family.  Now that the background has been covered, the second in the series has the opportunity to expand, drawing readers into a much more twisted story than meets the eye.  Magical keys were mentioned in the first, but we get to begin discovering their multitude of powers this time around . . . powers only the mind of Hill can create!  We have the opportunity to peak more into the characters and how they are dealing with the loss of their father, while another character begins slithering his/her way into their lives during this very vulnerable time.

Head Games is just as violent and graphic as the first.  I still only recommend it for mature readers who are not feint of heart.  BUT, this time around, you can expect to dig deeper and be even more fascinated by the magical discoveries created by Hill and artist Gabrielle Rodriguez.  I personally found myself continuing to turn the pages, mesmerized by the story and art, and disappointed when there were no more pages to turn.

Would you want a magical key in your possession?  If so, what would the powers be?

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