Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Maunder: April 16, 2012


The bad news . . . There has not been a lot of change on the reading front these days.  I am still reading Emerald Atlas by John Stephens, and it is driving me crazy that I can't spend more time reading it!

The good news . . . I finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone with my son!  I wasn't exactly sure how much he enjoyed it, though he said that he did.  The thing that confirmed it was when he picked out our next chapter book that he wanted to read:  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!  We started the second book tonight and hope to watch the first movie together this weekend!


Though my reading was slow this last week, I can actually say that I accomplished something in my writing!  I have officially scheduled 7 posts for the site!!  I have one more to schedule and a few reviews left to write, then I will be completely caught up for the time being!  I am so excited about this!!  I am hoping this will free up some time for my 10-Week Writer's Challenge starting next week!

On a totally random writing note . . . I have had this little story idea in my head for quite some time and over time, it has begun to develop into something more than just an idea.  This last week, I had a detail occur to me that may just crack this story and I am very excited to start exploring it further!


I have only two things that I want to mention here this week . . .

First, thank you to all who have been supporting me in my little challenge to lose weight.  I have not shared my latest numbers, so I thought I would just give you a quick update.  To date, I have lost 15 pounds all from a change in diet.  Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to actually implement a regular workout routine to lose the rest of the weight to meet my goal.  My original goal was a total of 30 pounds.  I may shoot for a bit more, depending on how this next round goes.

Secondly, I am so excited to announce that I received my first donation for my latest project, Spreading Literary Love:  A Book Drive for Shriners Hospital for Children!  Thank you all so much for your support of this project and for helping to spread the word for this great cause!  Please continue to do so!

That's it!  Wishing you all a great week filled with reading, writing, and lots of happiness!

Your Turn:  What is on your reading and writing agenda this week?  Any other exciting news beyond the written word?


  1. That's a bunch of good news except for your reading. But hey, it happens sometimes. :) I feel like I have so many commitment reads right now that it makes me freeze up and not know what to read. The funny thing is that I'm taking a vacation at the end of May and I've already chosen which books I'll be taking with me. Sigh. I hope you get some reading time this week!

    1. Thanks Kristen! I am getting in some reading today thanks to the read-a-thon!! In fact, I even finally finished Emerald Atlas!! Can't wait to read the sequel to that one!! After this weekend though, I am now going to be behind on reviews again. I've pretty much come to terms that it is a never-ending cycle! :) I'm curious which books you are taking with you on vacation!!

  2. For once, I'm reading....AND listening to an audio. Total shock seeing that I haven't read much this year. :)

    You are getting lots done, which is cool. :)

    1. Yeah!!!! I am so excited for you!! Which books are reading/listening to?!?

  3. The President's Vampire, the one I emailed you about and I just finished First Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky. Both are good ones!

    Glad you are getting some reading in too. :)

    1. I will look into these!! We tend to like similar books!


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