Thursday, March 22, 2012

Locke & Key #1: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill

I have been wanting to read Joe Hill for years now and 2012 has been the year to do so!  Instead of reading one of his books that already sits on my shelves, however, I picked up the first in his graphic novel series at the library to begin my adventures into his mind of horror.

Welcome to Lovecraft is the first in the Locke & Key series, introducing us to the Locke's.  In only the first few pages, we are introduced to this normal American family through the brutal murder of the father, previously a high school counselor and now dead at the hands of one of his students.  The oldest of the three children hides his siblings and helps to save his mother before more death results.  To get away from it all and in an attempt to start over, the survivors move to Key House with the father's brother.  However, one cannot run away from secrets and the house itself has many that only begin to reveal themselves.

Hill's graphic novel is not one for the feint of heart.  It is scary because it features every day people with realistic issues, even the evil ones.  When you add Rodriguez's art to the mix, the fright and gore cannot be shielded from your eyes.  The combination of the two results in one of the best horror tales that I have read.  Many may ask why I even bothered to continue reading if the fear was so real, and I answer with this:  Because it feels so real.  I related to the characters in many ways.  My soul could not rest until I knew that the fear had been conquered, even if momentarily.  And, because I simply wanted to see justice served.

This series is not for everyone and I warn readers of the true graphic nature of this novel that should be targeted for mature readers only.  As soon as you open the book, you may find yourself shielding your eyes, but unable to stop turning the pages.  Welcome to Lovecraft is horror in the truest sense, and yet, may keep you coming back for more.

Have you read Hill's work before?  How would you best describe it?


  1. I hadn't heard of this series before, (though I always love a well done graphic novel!) but I was really impressed with Hill's book Heart Shaped Box. It was definitely one that had me looking over my shoulder and jumping at any little noise in the night!

  2. Locke & Key is my favorite comicbook ever. It is just wonderful. The plot, the art, the dialogues, the characters. I just love it. In fact, I've nominated it for the Hugo Awards two years in a row (hope this time it gets shortlisted).

  3. Loved this one, but then again, I love all of Hill's books. :)

  4. I think I have at least part of this one on a comics app on the iPad. Now I need to go take another look! I think I got it because there was going to be a tv series of it. The pilot was made but then I think it was cancelled before it even began. :P

  5. lisa :) ... I have Heart Shaped Box on my shelf, but have not yet read it! Can't wait!!

    odo ... I actually just finished the 3rd one this last weekend and the story keeps getting better and better! Completely agree with you!

    365andMe ... Have you read all of them so far? Do you know anything about the tv series Kristen mentioned?

    Kristen M. ... That is so sad to hear. I would totally watch it, even despite some of the gore of the story. I really like the characters!


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