Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: July 3, 2011

Can I tell you how much I love three-day weekends?!?  I love them a TON!  However, I always get these ideas in my head that I am going to just get lost in a book and get so much reading done.  I somehow also get these ideas about getting caught up on some blog posts and reviews, too!  And, needless to say, here I am on a Sunday evening with little reading and writing done this weekend so far!  I've been working on a number of other projects and simply hanging out with my kids.  No worries though, right?!?  I've still got one more day to get some reading and writing in!

Just in case you are wondering what I may be reading . . . A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness for the July selection for Tales to Tomes.  I also lucked out and received a copy of Feed by Mira Grant from the library as well, so I need to get that one read as well, even if it is not the selection until August.

On a non-bookish note . . . I finally finished watching the entire season of LOST!  Can I just say how much I love that show?!?  I am not sure I still "get" everything throughout all six seasons, but it is a show that has stuck with me since starting the episodes on DVD a couple of years ago.  I haven't even really decided what I think about the series finale either to be quite honest!

I really don't have much more to report on this week.  I can say that I am thankful my busy season at work is coming to a close.  I am also thankful that this means I can have more time at work to read and walk over my lunch hour at least.  I will also have the wonderful excuse to read during work hours as well because I will be enjoying our summer reading program selection!

Oh, and I need to check on my reading challenges, so here is the current status on each.  Let's just say I really need to kick it in gear now that we are half-way through the year!
  1. The Stephen King/Richard Bachman Challenge (Perpetual)
  2. 2011 Graphic Novels Challenge (7 of 3-10 Books)
  3. Off The Shelf Challenge (7 of 30 Books) 
  4. Young Readers Challenge (7 of 12 Books)
  5. Take A Chance Challenge 3 (0 of 3 Books)
  6. 2011 Young Adult Reading Challenge (10 of 50 Books)
  7. The Dewey Decimal Challenge (0 of 4 Books)
  8. 100+ Reading Challenge of 2011 (21 of 100 Books)
  9. Fairy Tale Challenge  (1 of 12 Books/Movies)

Since I no longer have anything else to say, I am going to sign off with some final words for those who are fellow Americans.  If you are not in the US, I sign off with the alternative below!

Happy Independence Day!!!
Have a Great Week!!!


  1. I think you are so brave to even sign up for a challenge! I never have because I don't need that pressure. But I am looking forward to some holiday reading soon - and a three-day weekend sounds very attractive!

  2. Happy 4th July!
    You're doing fine with some of those challenges - well over the halfway mark. And some are only very short so you should easily do them.
    Is the 100+ challenge to read a hundred (or more) general books in a year?!

  3. Know how you feel, because I had all kinds of plans for this weekend and haven't done anything on my list yet! And it's already Monday! :o

    Challenges are fun, but I need to kick it in gear too since we're now starting the second half of the year. Wish someone would pay me to sit around and read all day! Wouldn't that be awesome?

  4. The Book Chook ... LOL! I wouldn't say brave, simply because I only consider them loose challenges! I don't feel too bad if I don't complete them! I just like to be able to open my reading up a bit more and this encourages me!

    Tracy ... Thank you! You are right and I need to look at the overall picture in a more positive light! :) The 100+ challenge is to read 100 or more books in a year. You can read more info about it by clicking on the link attached.

    Alexia561 ... I am so glad to know that I am not alone in NOT completing my to do list! :) I would love to be paid to read all day! If you come across something, be sure to let me know! :)

  5. I doubt I would ever have time to read a 100 books in a year, Tif - I'm happy if I manage more than fifty (that's the only total target I have, to read a minimum of 50 books every year).

  6. I always think I'm going to read all week-end and then stuff happens.

  7. Tracy ... The last couple of years that I've been participating in the challenge, I have not met the 100 book goal! I keep shooting for it though! Maybe someday?!? :)

    Cozy in Texas ... That sounds so familiar! I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone!! :)


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