Sunday, January 31, 2010

Reading Challenge Check-In: January 2010

To help myself in staying caught up on challenges, I will be posting at the end of every month a Challenge Check-In. I may or may not include thoughts on my progress. It will all depend on how I'm feeling at the time that I write it! Most of the time, I will just have links to each current challenge and may not include more than that. This is really just for me!

Current Challenges:
  1. February's 12 x12 Reading Challenge
  2. Take Another Chance Challenge
  3. 2010 Audiobook Challenge
  4. 451 Challenge
  5. 2010 Young Readers Challenge
  6. 2010 A to Z Reading Challenge
  7. 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge
  8. 2010 100+ Reading Challenge
  9. Flashback Challenge
  10. James Patterson Reading Challenge
  11. The Stephen King/Richard Bachman Reading Challenge
  12. Harry Potter Reading Challenge

Sadly, I have yet to complete one book for any of these challenges! Ah well!! I've been devoting January to catch-up and though I still have a lot of catch-up to do, I am hitting the books hard this month because I simply miss it!


  1. I am doing pretty good on my challenges this year! I finished one already!

  2. Pam . . . Wow!! I'm impressed!! I really need to get on the ball!! :)


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