Sunday, January 31, 2010

Literary Locals: January 2010

Wow! Where did the month go? I've been in the midst of attempting to get caught up on many housekeeping issues this month that I really did not get much of anything else done, including reading some of my local authors! In fact, I have yet to finish a book this year!! Yikes!!

So, for this month's Literary Locals, I just want to send out a reminder about the new website designed as a directory of local authors. That is something that I did get done!!! So click here, bookmark the site, submit your favorite local authors (or submit yourself if you are an author!), and then be sure to come back here next month for some highlights of some of my local authors!!

Did you read any local authors this month or attend any local literary events? Be sure to share them in the comments section or Mr. Linky below!


  1. Running a little late this month, but wanted to post about Logan's Gem -- having lots of fun reading this historical romance adventure by a local author out here in TX.

  2. TexasRed . . . Better late than never, right?!? :) I love having you and am heading over to check out your post right now!


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