Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

Now that it is a week later, I decided I had better just stop for a few minutes and write my official Bloggiesta wrap-up post. I really could go on and on with all my housekeeping issues. And, if I did that, this post would never get written. So, here I go . . .

For my initial post and thoughts before making changes, click here. I have listed my initial goal list for you below; however, this time, I have listed some thoughts beside each one as to the status or completion.

  1. Update my Wish List: Did not even touch this one!
  2. Update my Index: Did not touch this one either!!
  3. 2010 Challenge Posts: DONE!!!
  4. Finalize my Button for *NEW* Weekly Event: I've been waiting on special permission to use a specific image on this one. I have yet to hear and may have to go to my back-up to announce by the end of this week.
  5. Complete my Announcement Post for *NEW* Weekly Event: Waiting on my button to be completed before I do this one!
  6. Catch Up on Poe Fridays: I am in the midst of writing my wrap-up and all the reviews to go with this one. I have had computer issues this last week, and therefore, have been doing them all old school . . . writing on good old paper with pen! It's taking me a bit longer this way. I type way faster than I write!!
  7. Write Reviews (Requests to Take Priority): Nope! Nothing!
  8. Update my Current Format (I recently switched to a 3 column format, but need to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye!): I would love it if you stopped by and shared your thoughts with me on my current format. I am using a different background, but cannot decide if I'm going to use it temporarily until I figure out how to change the color in my new columns or to stick with this. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!
  9. Re-Design Literary Locals Button: DONE!! Check it out here.
  10. Finish Design of Literary Locals Website: DONE!!! Click on over and take a peek!!
  11. Create Categories for Literary Locals Website: I started this one, but am still working on the details of it.
  12. Update Literary Locals Website with Submitted Entries: Entres for local authors have begun coming in and I will begin updating them on the site soon! Yippee!!
  13. Catch Up on Google Reader (currently at 830 unread, goal is <100): I'm actually now at 1000+ in my Reader. Sad, but true! I have been working on it though! The number just does not reflect it!! Maybe because I ended up adding more blogs to it this week?!?!
  14. Update Review Links: DONE! I probably have more hidden in my Reader, but those that I did find have been added to my reviews.
  15. Reply to Blog Comments: As of earlier this week, I did have all comments replied to. Unfortunately, I am behind again! I'm hoping to catch up on them after I publish this!
  16. Respond to Emails (inbox currently sits at 255, goal is to get <50): I did make some progress and I am now currently at 154.
  17. Participate in a Minimum of 2 Mini-Challenges: Have not yet done this, but have noted a bunch that I do intend to go back and review when I find the time. There are so many great resources out there!
  18. Cheer on Fellow Participants by Commenting on Update Posts (goal of a minimum of 10 comments): I think I probably surpassed my 10 comments, but I did not pay close attention and lost track after a while.
  19. Respond to Twitter Comments: DONE! At this time, all Twitter comments are replied to!
  20. Complete Sunday Synopsis Post: DONE!

I have decided to make the whole month of January my own personal Bloggiesta event. There is so much more that I want to do and need to do to catch up from 2009. I have set a new goal and hope to revisit at the end of the month. What is this goal? To catch up on those unfinished goals listed above and to complete those reviews that I have not yet done. It's a big task, but I am feeling more motivated than I have in a long time! I'm taking advantage of it!!


  1. Nice job! You did a lot! I am already excited for the next one and just hoping it doesnt hot on one one of my bike tournament weekends....

  2. Good job! And I agree that there always seems to be new blog housekeeping tasks popping up, so we never really catch up!

    I like the new design, but thought the grey design was unique. When I was tweaking my design, I used a test blog so I wouldn't mess up the original code. You may want to consider a private test blog to play with the colors until you find something you like.

    Good luck with your Bloggiesta month!

  3. I can't wait to see your Poe entries. I'm kind of missing him a bit already. :)

  4. Sheila (Bookjourney) . . . I'm really looking forward to it too! Though I am attempting to still get a few of these things done, I think that the to-do list will be never-ending and always changing!!

    Alexia561 . . . I do have a test blog that I use! In fact, I have a couple of them to play with! I am probably going to go back to the grey. I think I prefer it too! I just need to play with the sidebar colors and just have not had the opportunity during the lunch hour to do so yet! Hopefully this next week when it slows down a bit!

    Kristen . . . They will be coming soon, if not by Sunday!! I'm actually re-reading a few of them to refresh my memory before writing up my thoughts, so it's taking me a bit longer than I had hoped!


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