Monday, January 18, 2010

What Do YOU Think I Read?

Back in November, One Literature Nut posted The W's of Reading: What We Read? and it really got me thinking . . . What do my readers think I read? I have always viewed myself as an eclectic reader. I am willing to pick up just about anything just for the sake of reading. However, I do find myself attracted to certain genres more than others. I am curious to see if my readers can name what genres I prefer!

So, let's play a little game! Using the reviews that I have posted, conversations I have participated in on Twitter, and comments on other blogs, tell me what you think are my top 3 favorite genre reads! I'm interested to see if you and I are on the same page!!


  1. I would have to guess Young Adult, Classics and fiction.Love your blog!!!


  2. I would have to say classics, YA and Fantasy.

    This is a really interesting discussion topic. I can't wait to see what everyone else says.

  3. Fantasy, horror and dystopian fiction?

  4. I'd say fantasy, non-fiction, and classics.

    When are you going to let us know? Curious how we all did with our guesses.

  5. Fantasy/Fairy Tales...that's a duh. Women's Lit is another and mysteries?

  6. This has been so much fun to read what everyone thinks are my faves! Some of you are very close, some are definite surprises to me!! I will be posting a follow-up next week, so check back to see if we are on the same page!! :)


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