Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's A Bloggiesta Weekend!!!

Bloggiesta started on Friday, but I am just now joining in. In fact, I meant to have this intro post up earlier this week, but life has once again disrupted my plans for writing on this blog. I have been in the midst of planning and executing a Superhero Birthday Party for my now 5-year-old!! All in all, it was a complete success . . . even the Superman birthday cake that I didn't have the appropriate colors for or the necessary talent!! Thank heavens that preschoolers are easy to please!!

With the party complete and the majority of clean-up done, I now have the time to devote to a little blog housekeeping and catching up on my many planned posts! I will be spending the majority of tomorrow (Sunday) in working on a few things, including my formatting project that I started earlier this week in preparation for this little fiesta.

Without further ado, here is a long list of goals for the next 24+ hours (in no particular order). I do not know how much I will realistically be able to finish, but I hope to get a good chunk done and at least, have a good list made for myself where I can work on little things here and there after the Bloggiesta weekend!
  1. Update my Wish List
  2. Update my Index
  3. 2010 Challenge Posts
  4. Finalize my Button for *NEW* Weekly Event
  5. Complete my Announcement Post for *NEW* Weekly Event
  6. Catch Up on Poe Fridays
  7. Write Reviews (Requests to Take Priority)
  8. Update my Current Format (I recently switched to a 3 column format, but need to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye!)
  9. Re-Design Literary Locals Button
  10. Finish Design of Literary Locals Website
  11. Create Categories for Literary Locals Website
  12. Update Literary Locals Website with Submitted Entries
  13. Catch Up on Google Reader (currently at 830 unread, goal is <100)
  14. Update Review Links
  15. Reply to Blog Comments
  16. Respond to Emails (inbox currently sits at 255, goal is to get <50)>Participate in a Minimum of 2 Mini-Challenges
  17. Cheer on Fellow Participants by Commenting on Update Posts (goal of a minimum of 10 comments)
  18. Respond to Twitter Comments
  19. Complete Sunday Synopsis Post

WOW!! Wish me luck because I think I am going to need it!!! I will try to post an update at least once tomorrow, but hopefully twice. Now, I think I'm going to head to bed and get some good rest in preparation for tomorrow!

Hasta Luego!!


  1. Wow you have quite a list there! I hope you get a lot done! I had great success this weekend and was thrilled with the results!

  2. Bella . . . Thank you!

    Sheila (Bookjourney) . . . So far, not too bad considering my limited time! I need to go check out your successes!! :)


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