Sunday, January 10, 2010

Literary Locals: Supporting Local Authors

Literary Locals originally began back in January 2009. I am posting the original post below, but have updated it slightly to include a couple of updates and our new, prettier graphic!


Many of us are aware of the popular authors from Stephen King to Toni Morrison to James Patterson and more; however, what about those local authors that do not receive as much PR as the big-named ones that have movies made out of their books? I have a special place in my heart for these "little" authors and wanted to give them a bit more kudos for their work! So, I thought . . . "Why not start a "little" monthly meme or challenge highlighting our local authors?!?!" And, here we are!!

On the last day of every month, I will post a reminder here on this blog. I encourage all my readers to post links to their reviews on these reminder posts or if you do not have a blog, feel free to post reviews in the comment section itself. As for the guidelines, I've posted a few below:

  • Local Authors Defined: Authors that you can find in either your hometown or homestate, or the equivalent if you are not in the States.
  • Home Defined: Your hometown or homestate can be either past or present, meaning you can use your current location or anywhere you have ever lived.
  • Type of Books: The books can be children's picture books to adult novels and everything in between.
  • Literary Local Icon: Feel free to copy and paste my little icon for the meme/challenge on your own blog and proudly support those local authors!!
If you are interested in participating, please post a comment on this post with a link to your blog and I will keep a running list here. If you have any questions, just let me know. Thanks!
  1. Alabama Book Worm
  2. The Holistic Knitter @ Lynda's Book Blog
  3. Tony
  4. J. Kaye @ J. Kaye's Book Blog
  5. Rebecca :) @ Lost in Books
  6. Mary @ Books Gardens and Dogs
  7. Mark @ Random Ramblings from Sunny Southern CA
  8. TexasRed @ TexasRed Books
  9. Missy @ Missy's Book Nook
  10. Laura's Reviews
  11. Beth @ Beth's Book Review Blog
  12. Kristen @ BookNAround
  13. Teddyree @ The Eclectic Reader
  14. Julie @ The Book Hooked Blog
  15. Meaghan @ Book Geek
  16. Lisa @ Her Book Self
UPDATE 1: Literary Locals is now not only a monthly feature here at Tif Talks Books, but it is also a website directory for finding authors local to you at! The website is currently a work-in-progress, but feel free to pay it a visit, submit your own local authors, or discover some new ones! And, as always, thank you for supportying your locals!!

UPDATE 2: Starting in January 2010, the monthly feature will now be using Mr. Linky for you to post your personal Literary Locals! It will be more convenient for me, you, and all those who want to explore your locals!


  1. I would love to participate, Tif! I don't know if I will have many reviews, but I will definitely highlight local authors! I'm from NC. Does Nicholas Sparks count as a read from a local author? Or is he too big a name?

  2. Rebecca . . . I would love to have you!!! If Nicholas Sparks is close to you, then please do count him! He is a big name, but really the focus is more on the locals! Though I am hoping to hear about the lesser-known ones as well!!

  3. I'd like to partcipate. :D

    Here's a like to my blog:

  4. I'd like to partcipate. :D

    Here's a like to my blog:

  5. Meaghan . . . I would love to have you!! Looking forward to your monthly Literary Locals posts!! :) I will also add you to the list here as well!

  6. Count me in as well! I'm in the Chicagoland area and I've already featured some Midwestern authors on my blog!

  7. Oh and I suppose it might help if I actually left my blog address: Her Book Self.

    Also, the site for the directory looks like it's still "under construction" (there's also an image missing) - any update on when the links will be active again? Are you still accepting author submissions in the meantime?

  8. lisa :) . . . It's great to have you! I will add you to the list!!

    I am still working on the website and hope to have it up and running in the near future (no set date yet). I'm in the midst of a BIG project outside of blogging right now and need to see that one through. Then, I can get back to building on that sight! I am still accepting submissions and the link to submit is listed on the website. I will email you the link!


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