Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring 2016 Bloggiesta Wrap-Up

Last week, I participated in the fun week-long Spring Bloggiesta.  I had pretty high hopes to get back on track, and now is that time to check in and share with you what I was actually able to accomplish.  I've got thoughts as well, but let's take a look at the list first.
  • Back-up Blog (DONE!)
  • Back-up Template (DONE!)
  • Update Books Read in 2016 (DONE! -- Check it out here.)
  • Update A-Z Review Index (DONE! -- Check it out here.) 
  • Update BBI Blog Index (DONE!-- Check it out here.)
  • Update BBI Guest Post Index (DONE! -- Check it out here.)
  • Clean Out TO READ Notebook (currently at 4 -- NO CHANGE)
  • Clean Out Facebook Saves (currently at 153 -- DOWN TO 150)
  • Write Reviews (NONE)
  • Write Book Discussion Posts (NONE)
  • Catch-up on Feedly Reader (currently at 537 -- DOWN TO 214)
  • Finish Prepping Armchair BEA Website (DONE! -- I actually have a few things left to do, but I am waiting on a couple responses before it is completely finalized.  Be sure to check out the site here and be following for up-to-date news.)
  • Maintain Inbox Zero (DONE!)

Overall, I am content with what I was able to complete.  I spent more time on Armchair BEA prep than I had originally planned, but we are almost ready to launch all the goodness of the event starting this week.  I also got a good chunk of things done around the house and am in the middle of working on my taxes.  I'm hoping that the rest of this week will see me finish the other items on this list that I was not able to finish, and all of you will get to see me back to posting on a regular basis again.

Did you participate in Bloggiesta?  How did you do?  What was your biggest accomplishment from the week?


  1. Good job on accomplishing all that you did! I bet getting done what you needed to for Armchair BEA is a huge relief!

    1. Jenni Elyse ... It really is! If I would have listed all that I had accomplished, it would have looked even better than the list I did post!

  2. Very nicely done! Even if you didn't get to everything that you had hoped to do, you still made a good dent in it, and it all counts! And it sounds like you have a plan to use it as a springboard.

    1. Lisa Pottgen ... I do!! Now, I just need to find my time to get more writing done!!


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