Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Maunder: Reading, Studying, & Blogging

Welcome to another Monday here at Tif Talks Books!

This week, I have decided to break my weekly ramblings into three different categories ... reading, studying, and blogging.  These three items are what is currently my world, so let me give you a quick peek into more details.

Reading has truly been primarily listening for me lately.  I find myself working on projects around the house and spending large amounts of time in the car, so I have turned to audiobooks to still get my reading fix.  I frequently find myself in the midst of several audiobooks at one time because one will be due back, so I have to move on to another one.  When the first one becomes available again, I am in the middle of the other one and find myself alternating back and forth through a never-ending spiral.  (Am I the only one who does this?!?)

I recently finished Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northrup and The Dragon Factory by Jonathan Maberry.  I am currently in the middle of Misery by Stephen King and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and I just received a notification that I received Amy Poehler's Yes Please.  I think I am set for audiobooks these days!

As for the actual books, I am currently in the midst of Around the Writer's Block by Rosanne Bane and Symphony for the City of the Dead by M.T. Anderson.  I just have not had a lot of time to read these, but I need to find time because the first one is due back to the library later this week.

Last, but not least, I thought I should also comment on participating in the FrightFall Readathon this last week.  I finished Maberry's book above and made it about halfway through Misery, both books being perfect for the theme of the readathon.  I was hoping to get through more, but just did not have the time last week.

Over the weekend, I started my class that I mentioned last week.  I was so nervous to be back in student status, but the weekend went really well.  I was not pleased with having to sit in a classroom for long hours or drive two hours to get there, but the material presented was interesting and practical and even, fun!

The course that I am taking is very compact, which means that I have a lot of reading to complete in a short period of time.  I spent a good few hours yesterday catching up on reading I missed out on before the class started, and hope to continue as much as possible through this week to get back on track.  Thankfully, most of the reading is easy and keeps my attention.  I still try to read a little something for enjoyment though every day.

In case you missed it, I finally got my event up and running last week AND it is set to begin this week!  If you are a fan of Joe Hill and/or Stephen King, be sure to check out my Father & Son Month of Frights and/or follow along via social media with #fathersonfright.  I am so excited to read more King, and finally dive into Hill's work beyond his graphic novels.  My plan is to finish Misery by King and hopefully, dig into another one on audiobook.  I also intend to read Heart-Shaped Box by Hill and maybe a few short stories from his 20th Century Ghosts collection.

In other news, I have lots of other big plans of things to share with you here.  As time allows, I will be getting things posted and scheduled.  I am hoping to get 2-3 things posted each week, even while working through this class.  I guess time will tell if I can make that a reality!

What are some things that are currently on your mind?  What are some of your current reading plans and/or events that you are participating in?


  1. So are you enjoying the Maberry books or are they too farfetched for you? I liked them, but they are pretty far out there.

    On my mind, right now, is a short day at work because we close early because of a Friends of the Library annual meeting tonight. So a couple of hours early anyway.

    Reading plans: Have a couple of books planned to read tomorrow. A couple of authors I really enjoy, but I won't say anymore until I read them.

    1. Bryan G. Robinson ... I am really enjoying the Maberry books. They can be farfetched in parts, but I'm okay with it. I love the characters he has created, especially Joe Ledger!

      I hope you enjoyed some time off and your reading! Can't wait to hear what you read!


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