Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Maunder: My Plate is Overflowing!

These last couple of weeks have been insane!  This last week has been beyond chaos!  Let me explain . . .

There have been a couple of things that have been on my radar now for a few months.  I guess you could kind of call them projects.  And these projects have been something that have been on my mind every single day, some days more so than others.  Well, in just the last week, these two projects have come to the very forefront and my days have been filled with lots of little things to help see these projects come to fruition.  They have come with surprises, and these surprises have been good or something that I have been able to take in stride.  In the next few weeks to come, I will get to see if all the time I have invested in them will actually pay off.  I really cannot say more than this at this time, but I can tell you that they relate to my goal of the year -- perseverance!  My year started out on a very rocky road.  I have been working hard to smooth out this road as much as I can on my own, and it is exciting to see that my smoothing is seeing some results AND I'm seeing others join in the smoothing!  (I know this is a horrible analogy, but just go with it!)

I know this all sounds so cryptic.  I know I sound like a tease.  BUT, I do hope to share more details with you all in the very near future because if all works out as I hope, they will involve books in a roundabout way!

Now to give you something that is NOT a mystery!  This last week, I had the great surprise and pleasure of taking my kids to the local water park for FREE.  Well, not really, but it felt like it!  Both of my kids are currently in swimming lessons and apparently, the pool partners with the water park to allow the last day of swimming lessons to be playing for the whole family.  The kids and I spent the morning floating on the lazy river and playing on the big water slide.  Let's be honest, I really did not get the lazy part.  I was chasing my daughter around most of the morning, and I was ready for a nap after we got home.  But, I did have a lot of fun.  It felt good to let loose, get all these things off my mind, and just play for a few hours.  I can't wait for another round in the near future!  I think I need to spend more time playing!

So, this week I'm checking in to say that ... Yes, I've been a bit absent.  But, it has been for good reasons.  My plate is truly overflowing.  And to top things off, I have been working on writing up some reviews to finally get this blog back into a groove again.  Stay tuned!!

How has your summer been going so far?  Have you been feeling some good mojo, or is it the exact opposite?  


  1. This summer is a non-summer for me. I don't feel that lighthearted summery vibe that I typically feel this time of year. I mean, I haven't had a real vacation in over 7 years but that didn't seem to affect me last summer. This summer though just feels like work is overtaking me. I try to do stuff to lighten things up but it's the boring routine of day to day stuff that is weighing me down and I can't really help that part of it.

    1. Ti ... That really stinks! You need a vacation!! I try to escape on "vacation" when I read books, but it only gets you so far sometimes. Sometimes, you really do just need to get away. My family has not been on a vacation in 10 years. I'm thinking we need to make it happen this year.

  2. I'm so excited to hear more about your projects, Tif!!


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