Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fables: Volume 13-16 by Bill Willingham

Today, I return with more Fables love!

Volume 13:  The Great Fables Crossover

Volume 13 brings Jack of the Fables back into the Fabletown tales.  He comes bearing bad news that threatens all Fables, near and far.  Bigby and crew set off to attempt to save the day and Jack sets off to spread his devilish charm among the old Fables crew.

WARNING:  Before you read this volume, you should be familiar with the spin-off series, Jack of the Fables through Volume 6.  I am not quite that far into Jack's story, so I had holes in portions of this story.

Volume 14:  Witches

Volume 14 brings us the story of the 13th floor witches, some of the most powerful residents in Fabletown.  We also learn of Buffkin's struggles in the newly lost business office and glimpse into the challenges that Fly is facing on his own homefront.

I loved peeking into the lives of the witches, characters that are often only hinted at in the previous volumes, but that also hold many of the secrets behind Fabletown's stronghold.

Volume 15:  Rose Red

Rose Red chronicles the title character, both past and present.  We also see another epic battle take place between good and evil.  And, an unexpected package arrives with a big roar!

This volume is one of the larger collection of tales.  It's filled with battles, internal and external.  Some are won.  Others are not.  Despite the latter, Rose Red proves to be another favorite volume in the series.

Volume 16:  Super Team

As the name implies, the Fables go SUPER in honor of some of Pinocchio's favorite comics, and Buffkin breaks up the SUPER with a new adventure of his own.  Both story lines reflect a good vs evil battle, with one overpowering the other.

I'm not sure what I think of Buffkin's new adventures, but the play on superheroes was entertainingly fun.  The ending to this one took me completely by surprise and I'm curious where future volumes will take this unexpected turn of events.

For fellow Fables fans, what did you think of these volumes, particularly the end of Super Team?


  1. I just finished the Great Fables Crossover last night. I enjoyed it. I just got Fairest from the library and am going to start that one. I hadn't read any of Jack's books but I am going to read them all now before I continue on in the main Fables story line.

    1. My anxious life ... I have Fairest requested from the library, but it has not come in yet. I currently have the remaining Jack books checked out and ready to read in the next week or so as well as one of the Cinderella books! These are just so much fun!!

  2. Reading more about these volumes makes me absolutely sure I need to get off my butt and buy the rest of the series.

    1. Andi ... I definitely recommend it! I'm actually in the middle of more of these right now! Love the series, especially as a whole!


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