Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Solar System Forecast by Kelly Kizer Whitt

"Good morning space explorers!  This is your weatherman with today's solar system forecast:  hot, cold, windy, calm, rainy, dry, cloudy, clear, and everything in between!"

Kelly Kizer Whitt brings us planetary fun in a unique way!  Serving as an interplanetary weatherman, the narrator informs readers what temperatures and meteorological activity they can expect on each of the nine planets, even little Pluto!

Illustrations by Laurie Allen Klein (also of Little Skink's Tail), only enhance the creative idea.  The combination of witty writing and gorgeous visuals creates a fun read-aloud that will have kids coming back for more.

Solar System Forecast comes from Sylvan Dell Publishing, which means that as a parent or educator, you will have additional resources to enhance the learning experience at your fingertips -  right in the back of the book and online.

Special thanks to Sylvan Dell Publishing for a review copy of Solar System Forecast by Kelly Kizer Whitt.

Do you know what weather to expect on the different planets?  Or better yet, can you recite from memory the names of the planets, starting with the one closest to the sun?

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