Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bout of Books Readathon: Midway Check

Bout of Books ... you know the readathon that I posted about earlier?  You know the readathon where I try to read more than usual?  Yeah, that's not really happening for me!  So far, I have only finished one book, Watchmen by Alan Moore.  BUT, today I hope to get better and do a lot more reading.  I just need to choose my next book!

I knew the beginning of the week was going to be hectic and that the latter part of the week was going to be better on the reading front.  I was NOT expecting my reading to be quite this bad!  Keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the readathon goes better than I was expecting!!

How are you doing for the Bout of Books readathon?  Are you meeting your expectations?  (Feel free to share your links and I will stop by and visit!)


  1. As I was telling Joy (Create with Joy), my Bout of Books is going down like the Titanic. I'm busy and I'm a procrastinator. This doesn't bode well for Sit Down and Write next week. Thank goodness for J. Kaye and her great advice (she said, "try to focus on 20 minutes a day."). I just may have to do that. Maybe we can salvage the rest of this read-a-thon. We can hope anyway. =O)

    1. Michelle Miller ... Life always seems to get in the way of my plans, so I completely understand. J. Kaye has great advice. Start small and take baby steps. That is all we can do! And, don't beat yourself up if you don't get done what you had planned! Be thankful for what you did accomplish! :)


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