Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bloggiesta: Fall 2012

I am excited to announce that I will be participating in Bloggiesta again this weekend!  For those who do not know what Bloggiesta is, click here for the announcement post over at There's A Book (one of the fabulous hosts for the event).  In essence, it is a weekend devoted to cleaning up your blog.  I really have a lot of projects in mind here, but I know that there is no way that I will be able to complete them all in one weekend, especially one filled with lots of other things!  However, here are a number of items that I intend to work on to get a little closer to being up-to-date here at Tif Talks Books . . .

  • Write and schedule book reviews and discussion posts.  I currently have a list of 25 possibilities, though I may combine a few of those!
  • Write freelance articles.  My list currently stands at 3, though one has already been started.
  • Format and schedule upcoming guest posts.  I currently have 2 upcoming and awaiting finalization!
  • Compile Foto Friday pics, including making possible edits as necessary.
  • Comment on blogs.  I have marked a number of posts that I need to comment on, but have yet to make my comments!  However, I really just need to get more caught up on my Reader.  I did a bit today in preparation for the weekend, so my current number stands at 120.
  • Update my menu.  This is a bigger project than meets the eye!  The largest chunk has been to update the alphabetical index.  I have also been tempted to move this menu to Blogger Pages (it is currently just a simple code).  A little experimentation is needed before I make the move though!

The list may seem small, but there is a LOT of work in those items!!  Wish me luck!!

Will you be participating in Bloggiesta this weekend?  What does your to-do list entail?  (Feel free to leave links to your lists!)


  1. Great list. I love the articles and guest posts -- I need to do more of that.

    Joy's Book Blog

  2. Good luck with your goals! My big goal is to catch up on writing reviews. Also need to organize my Google Reader, but that's a little daunting. Hope you have a productive weekend!

    1. Alexia561 ... Thank you! It hasn't been very productive, but I'm trying to cross a couple of those off the list!! :)


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