Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Maunder: February 27, 2012

It is no longer Monday in my time zone and I really should be in bed.  Let's get to this!


I finished reading Fables #3:  Storybook Love this past week and started reading Clockwork Prince.  I am not really reading much these days, but I could really use a day devoted to uninterrupted reading.  Would it be bad to call in sick?!?  Reading really could help my mental health these days!


I did get some writing done this past week!  Not much, but a bit!  The writing included some reviews that I will be typing up and scheduling right here.  I also did a bit of other personal writing as well.  This has been better than previous weeks, so I will take it with no complaints at this point!


I am now less than two weeks out from the big event that I am planning at my son's school, and it is that reason that I am up way too late as I try to organize volunteers for more than 100 volunteer shifts that I still have yet to fill.  Be keeping your fingers crossed for me that I do not lose my mind before the big day!  And, refer back to my On Reading section about taking a mental health day!  I will need one soon!

Two little pieces of excitement this week . . . I am now at 12 pounds lost!  And, I decided to drastically cut my hair this past weekend.  I'm talking 11 inches of drastically cut, most of which was donated to Locks of Love.  It will take some getting used to, but so far, I really am liking it!

Tell Me:  How do you keep your sanity in the weeks of chaos?  What are you reading this week (because I may live vicariously through you at this point!)?


  1. Oh, how I know about the loss of self to a school activity! Mine was the Book Fair and I don't think I read for two weeks. It was crazy and somehow I'm signed up to do it again next year! The Clockwork Prince should be a great escape though if you ever get time to read it. :)
    And don't live vicariously through me for a couple more days. I'm finishing A Tale of Two Cities and have just hit a pretty grizzly part. But next up will be two of my fave authors--Matthew Pearl and Diana Wynne Jones--while I'm on a plane this weekend so that should be fun!

  2. Kristen M. ... So glad that I am not alone in my crazy commitment! :) I will still be living vicariously through you. I would love to be hopping a plane to go anywhere at this point, and reading DWJ! I've been wanting to get to more of her's!!


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