Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bone: The Second Trilogy by Jeff Smith

I met the three Bones - Phoney, Smiley, and Fone - in the first trilogy by creator Jeff Smith.  In the second trilogy, their adventures continue with even more mystery and trouble.

In The Dragonslayer, times are becoming more and more dangerous for the villagers, and Phoney Bone believes it is the perfect time to capitalize.  Playing off the fear of those around him, he claims to be a slayer of dragons.  However, when the pivotal time comes for slaying, Phoney's scheme is exposed.

The next in Smith's series is Rock Jaw:  Master of the Eastern Border.  In this tale, we focus more on Fone and Smiley's trials and trails to return a baby rat creature and stay safe during a very dark time.  They meet Rock Jaw and must think quick as to consider him a friend or foe on multiple occasions, with the ultimate goal of reuniting with their friends.

Old Man's Cave is where the ultimate action begins.  All paths begin to reunite, only to be separated again in the struggle to find the truth and who to trust.

This second trilogy only left me wanting more.  I want to know if all characters will survive.  I want to know the truth behind the dragons and the story of the fallen royalty.  I want to know how the battle will end and if good will rise.  And I can only fulfill these desires by completing the story in the third and final trilogy.  These three Bones, the good and the trouble, have grown on me and I'm off to discover their destiny!

For fans of Bone, have you discovered their destiny?  Are you a fan of their adventures?

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