Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Penguin Lady by Carol Cole

Meet Penelope Parker.  Penelope loves black and white, living and breathing these colors.  For her next birthday, what better gift can she receive than a penguin.  Penguins are soon arriving from all over the world, cooling in the attic, swimming in the back pond, and tracking muddy footprints all over the kitchen.  What is Penelope supposed to do when too many penguins move in?

In Cole's children's book, we get practice counting, learn about a multitude of penguins, and that is just from the story; the resources at the end of the book contain so much more!  My personal favorite 'extra' is the map of where the different species can be found, including both the cold and the warm climates.  My children loved seeing the different kinds of penguins in the illustrations, from those common Emperor Penguins to those with more flair (and my daughter's personal favorite), the Royal Penguins.  In fact, the book continues to be requested on a daily basis, and my daughter could not contain her excitement when she was able to share her new favorite story with her preschool class during a special penguin unit!

I look forward to exploring the other resources in the book as well as those online in the weeks to come.  It will be the perfect pairing with a trip to Penguin Cove at our local zoo this spring!

You too can meet Penelope the Penguin Lady right this very minute over at Sylvan Dell Publishing.  A FREE e-version is available through Wednesday, February 29, 2012.

Which penguin is your personal favorite?

Special thanks to Sylvan Dell Publishing for a complimentary review copy of The Penguin Lady by Carol A. Cole!


  1. That's a cute book (just read it on the site)! I especially love the dalmatian twist at the end. :)

  2. Kristen M. ... Me too! I was not expecting that ending, but it was cute!! :)


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