Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bone: The First Trilogy by Jeff Smith

In Jeff Smith's graphic novel series, we follow the adventures of the Bones:  (1) Phoncible Bone (aka Phoney Bone):  The rich one that is always cooking up a scheme for more cash.  (2) Smiley Bone:  The one with a smile always on his face, but not the smartest of the bunch.  (3) Fone Bone:  The most practical and most genuine of the bunch.

We first meet the three in Out From Boneville, where they were run out of Boneville thanks to one of Phoney's latest schemes (or rather, scams).  Due to an attack of locusts, the three become separated.  We follow Fone Bone as he searches for his cousins, Phoney and Smiley, braves a long winter, and meets new friends.  His new friends help to reunite the Bones, but they have some unfinished business that must be attended to before returning home.

In The Great Cow Race, we learn more about Fone Bone's new friends, Thorn and Grandma Ben as they prepare for the cow race that takes place every spring.  Phoney, unable to pass on the opportunity for another scheme, begins taking bets on the race with the hopes of winning big with Smiley's help.  Trouble arises when Lucius (another new friend) discovers Phoney's plan and the cow race is interrupted by the horrible rat creatures.  Everyone must take cover as they discover that more trouble is brewing than they originally planned.

In Eyes of the Storm, the rat creatures break out in record numbers, the truth behind Thorn and Grandma Ben begins to come out, and the Bones become more deeply involved than ever before.  Phoney is now not just causing the trouble, but all three Bones are now trying to survive along with their friends.

I have seen much chatter about Smith's Bone series, but have only recently picked it up.  It took me a bit to get into the series myself, even reading the first novel twice; however, it now has me hooked for two reasons:  Fone Bone and the mystery behind the dragon.  Fone Bone is one of those characters you can fall in love with.  He is the good guy, making choices for reasons he believes is right, and is truly genuine.  Despite his company in Phoney, he provides a balance to the story that is perfect.  The dragon, on the other hand, provides the mystery.  He does not show up often, bringing an element of suspense and intrigue to the story that runs much deeper than originally meets the eye.

Bone is a series that has action, adventure, a bit of fantasy, and characters you love and love to hate.  Each novel leaves you hanging, leaving me diving into the second trilogy as quickly as I can!

Have you met the Bones?  What do you think?


  1. I read the first one of these and just didn't connect with it. Sounds like you had the same experience! So maybe I should pick it up again some time.

  2. Kristen M. ... I really do believe that the first is the weakest. In fact, now that I have finished the entire series, I would actually say that the first trilogy is by far the weakest. The second and final trilogies get much, much better!


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