Sunday, March 14, 2010

Share-A-Story, Shape-A-Future Day 5: Reading For The Next Generation

Special Thanks to Susan Stephenson of The Book Chook for the art!

I know that it has been a couple of days since Share A Story, Shape a Future wrapped up the final day of the blogging literacy event.  However, I did a post for every other day and I was not about to miss the last day either . . . even if I may be a couple days late!!  There have been so many great ideas, tips, stories, etc. shared this week.  I like to share what I think about everything and I also like to keep a record of it myself when I am feeling the need for inspiration.  I can simply refer back to it right here on my own blog instead of trying to remember where it was I found it at.  I have the majority of the posts and articles referenced right here, including who wrote them, so it is an easy reference to me!  I hope that you have enjoyed my posts and I look forward to seeing you all involved again next year for the third annual event, Share a Story, Shape a Future!!  Afterall, it is my favorite blogging event of the year!!  :)

Without further ado, let's explore the final day together . . . .

In Need of Chocolate writes Let the Sillies Out:  Reading to Babies and Young Children.  This is a great article that gives practical ideas of bringing out the silly in reading to your kids and making your storytime more active and exciting.  She also shares a GREAT list of books to help you along the way!!  Some of our family favorites are on this list, but there are many that I've added to my library list to check out!!

Melissa at Book Nut is Kicking it Up a Notch:  When Children are Stuck in a Reading Rut.  I absolutely love the ideas shared in this post about kids who are reluctant readers or even those who may be in a reading slump.  My favorite idea . . . using graphic novels to help bridge the gap!  I am personally reading more and more of these and absolutely believe they have a lot more to offer than many realize.

Great Kid Book takes on the topic How do I help my child learn to love reading if I am not a great reader myself?  I think this is a wonderful and much needed topic.  We do not want to keep the cycle of illiteracy compounding from generation to generation, so these tips are very practical ideas for all of us!  I would add one more idea to the list . . . practice reading a book before reading it to your child!  If you struggle with reading yourself, don't read the story for the first time with your child.  Your child will see you struggle and your fears, anxieties, and frustrations will be modeled to your child.  Practicing the story can help you to become more comfortable and put you at ease, making the experience a much more comfortable one for all involved!

Am I a failure if I don't read with my kids? is explored by Moms Inspire Learning.  My favorite thing about this article is the fact that we as parents are constantly juggling responsibilities, but it can be greatly beneficial to ALL if everyone gets involved in a child's reading.  Dawn shares some wonderful ideas and I highly recommend you check this one out!!

Do you have a little girl who only wants to read books about princesses?  If so, you've got to read Learning Parade's Princess Books?  Give Me A Break!   This post moves beyond just the princess books and gives a link to a list of book hooks, to move beyond that one genre your child is currently obsessed with.

Getting Kids Reading discusses combining gaming and reading in Getting your video-kid reading.

Literacy Toolbox writes Resisting the Urge to Create a Reading Superstar.  She encourages us to get back the basics of reading aloud to our children and letting them lead their reading.  From a mother's perspective worried about the pressure associated with reading, I loved these words!!

Children's writer and middle school teacher, Kate Messner takes on the topic of whether or not kids should take on more difficult reads in The Problem with Great Expectations:  Should kids be pushed to read more difficult books?  This is a great post with some great tips, including book recommendations for readers of only graphic novels and the Twilight series!

The PlanetEsme Plan writes After the Love Has Gone:  Read-Aloud for the Young and Restless.  In this post, great ideas are shared for reading aloud for ALL ages.  Research shows that reading aloud contributes to academic success beyond the pre-reader years.  If you are past this age and need some ideas to keep the read-aloud going, you really need to click over!!

A Year of Reading asks parents to Trust That Your Child Will Make it Through That Reading Phase, speaking from experience!

MotherReader gets honest in Reading is Boring (Sometimes).  This post is awesome and I highly recommend it not just for its honesty, but for the pure and genuine view of a parent . . . to know that you are not alone in this instance and that is just okay!!!  Brilliant!!

And, last but not least, we don't want to forget about another of my favorite kidlit sites, Jen Robinson's Book Page.  She was the host for the final day of Share a Story, Shape a Future and is always posting up-to-date news in the field of children's literacy, including book reviews, helpful tips, resources, and so much more.  Be sure to check her out!!


  1. Your favorite blogging event? Wow, high praise indeed! It was a great week, wasn't it? Thank you SO MUCH for being such a vocal supporter and active participant.

  2. max . . . Thank you so much for commenting! I look forward to reading your thoughts about boys and reluctant readers, especially considering that I have a son myself!

    Terry Doherty . . . You are so welcome! And, yes . . . my favorite blogging event of the year!!

    Rebecca :) . . . Thank you!!


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