Sunday, March 14, 2010

Writing About Reading: Day 5

This is the last writing event for Share a Story, Shape a Future.  As I was perusing the questions, I discovered that the same questions were posed for Day 4.  I really don't have much to write for these, so I wanted to throw the two remaining questions out to my readers to get your opinions.  My kids are too young to be at the stage of these questions, but will be there shortly.  You may be able to help me and provide me with some ideas as we approach it!!

Do you have a favorite chapter book for reading with kids of different ages (e.g., 4, 9, 13)?

What book(s) has your child recommended to you that you have loved?

Share your answers and continue to spread the literacy love beyond the week of this event!!

[image credit: Share a Story Logo created by author/illustrator Elizabeth Dulemba.]

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