Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Conspiracy Club by Jonathan Kellerman

**A to Z Challenge**

Kellerman does it again! He never ceases to disappoint me! Granted, it is usually his books that I pick up when I need a lighter read, ones that I often will use the term "brain candy" for. However, he is always one that I can rely on for something I can get lost in without having to do too much thinking! I can just give myself away to the story!

The Conspiracy Club introduces a new main character of Kellerman's . . . Dr. Jeremy Carrier, a somewhat inexperienced young psychologist thrust into the world of violent crime when he loses his romance to a grisly murder. Due to the circumstances, not only does Carrier get questioned by the local authorities, but he also begins to question himself . . . is he an imposter in his own shoes? I found it intriguing and very realistic to bring about Carrier doubting himself. Afterall, don't we all often have our doubts, question our self-esteem, and wonder if we are an imposter at what we do?

Oh, and I cannot forget to mention the added dimension of Dr. Arthur Chess, a pathologist that befriends Carrier that adds even more mystery and puzzlement to his life and the story as a whole! Chess is one enigmatic character that kept me guessing the majority of the story, until I finally connected all the clues!

Overall, a good, quick, and easy read!

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