Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Animals of the Bible, A Picture Book by Dorothy Lathrop

**Young Readers Challenge**

Animals of the Bible, A Picture Book illustrated by Dorothy P. Lathrop was the first ever recipient of the Caldecott Medal in 1938. Lathrop's black-and-white illustrations beautifully depict many stories of the Bible associated with animals, from their creation to those saved on Noah's Ark and finally closing with "The Peaceable Kingdom." I personally was impressed with the detail of the artwork, with every last piece of fur noted on the bears and the lions, every little line on the leaves, and every scale on the reptiles. I was impressed with many of the illustrations, but my personal favorites include "The Story of the Creation of the Animals" and "The Story of the Animals Saved in the Ark."

As for the text, I feel that I am not one to comment on it! Afterall, it is text taken directly from the Bible, selected by Helen Dean Fish from the King James Version.

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