Saturday, February 14, 2009

Poe Fridays: The Black Cat

The short story, The Black Cat, may not be as well known as such Poe tales as Annabel Lee or The Tell-Tale Heart, but it is one that is just as well-written. Poe does not disappoint. He continues with another story filled with terror (once again beginning with an evil eye!). The main character again is truly believed to be a good, kind, and gentle man, but a force beyond his control brings out the worst in him. The force this time . . . alcohol. I do not deny that alcohol can bring out the evil in some individuals (we have probably all seen evidence in this), but I do find it interesting that once again Poe's characters and their evil doings all are rooted in outside sources . . . sickness, alcohol, black cats, evil eyes, etc. I was glad to see, however, that the main character was caught in the act; that he would suffer the consequences of his actions.

Before I say too much, I had better stop there. If you would like to read this short story in its entirety, click here.

Poe Fridays is hosted by We Be Reading. You can read Kristen's response to this short story here. Next week: Hop-Frog

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