Tuesday, May 1, 2018

WEEKLY WANDERINGS: Can We Talk About Infinity War?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Avengers: Infinity War may be one of the most anticipated films of the year.  After the awesomeness of Black Panther, I know that I personally was very curious to see where Marvel would take us in this next chapter of the Avenger world.  This last weekend I finally had the chance, and now I really need to talk about it!!

Let's start with the quick trailer of the film.

That looks amazing, right?  Now, in order to proceed, I must warn you that spoilers will be in abundance from here on out.  Proceed with caution beyond this point.

The one thing that I loved about this movie was the action.  From the very first scene until the very last, the movie was packed with action scenes that were on point.  They had me on the edge of my seat, anticipating what was going to come next.

The other thing that I loved was the mash-up of characters.  To see Thor and Starlord face off was hilarious and priceless.  Thor and Rocket made a great team, especially when you combined the teenage Groot.  Doctor Strange and Iron Man were my personal faves, but I believe that was a result of my personal adoration of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Beyond those two items, my mind becomes a blur.  When the movie ended, my daughter turned to me and screeched, "WHAT?!?"  My own personal thought was similar with "WTF?!!"  And, as soon as I walked out of the theater, I had to start researching everything that I could come up with for future Marvel movies.  Of course, then my mind began considering all the different Marvel universes that the characters appear in, and that research went out the window.

Two days later, I'm still thinking about this movie and trying to come up with how I truly feel about it.  I still do not know.  I tend to be at a loss of words, and I am left with question after question.  Therefore, I am going to leave those questions for you here . . . 

Did all those characters really just die?  Or, did they just disappear into an alternate universe?  (One of my kids mentioned this one to me when I did try to discuss the movie with them!)

After Black Panther, one of my all-time favorite Marvel films, I was really desiring more from Wakanda.  Are you now telling me that I may not get this?

Did Gamora truly die?  She said that she had something that Thanos didn't know she had.  Was it truly the location of the soul stone, or was it something else entirely?  (I may just be wishful thinking here because I adore this character so much.)

Who in the world did Fury contact?  I personally did not recognize the symbol, but my son has theories on this one.  

Why did Marvel have to completely break my heart?  I'm not just talking one time, but multiple times throughout the movie.  Why?  Why?  Why?

I can probably come up with more questions, but I will leave it at that.  I feel like I need to watch the movie again, but I'm not sure I want to go through the heartache again at least while it is still in theaters.  I think I need a little time and space before diving back in.  Until then, I want to hear your thoughts on the film.  Do share!

YOUR TURN:  What did you think about the movie?  Were you left with as many questions as I was?


  1. I had some major roll my eyes moments in this one. It was entertaining and hilarious as usual but there were some things that drove me nuts. I’m not very familiar with the comics of the Avengers so I don’t know what’s going on but I’m not too worried since there’s so many universes and multiverses. Most of those that died/disappeared have confirmed movies coming out so who knows. I’m not the best person to talk to because I had zero emotions watching this one. I’m heartless. :(

    1. Jenny ... I wouldn't say you are heartless!! Though I must say that I'm curious about which parts you felt were the eye roll moments. It is true that there are some confirmed movies coming out of those who have died. But, what is that going to look like? Another universe, or still within this one? I'm so curious!!


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