Saturday, September 17, 2016

#Bloggiesta Time: September 2016

Good Saturday Morning!  I have been up since the dark hours of 5:00 a.m., and simply could not fall back asleep.  In my mind, thoughts of all that I had to do this weekend kept stirring through my mind.  I finally decided to pull myself out of bed, and get to work.  So, I'm here to begin work on my blog, and then head outside to have a little garage sale.  I've got high hopes for lots of productivity today!

Conveniently, it also so happens to be Bloggiesta weekend!!  The event actually began on Thursday, but life has been so hectic the last couple of days that I have not been able to join in until today.  For those who are not familiar with Bloggiesta, it is a weekend devoted to improving and catching up on your blog.  And, here is my plan for the weekend . . .

  • Back-up Blog 
  • Back-up Template 
  • Update Books Read in 2016 
  • Update A-Z Review Index 
  • Update BBI Blog Index 
  • Update BBI Guest Post Index
  • Clean Out TO READ Notebook (currently at 5)
  • Clean Out FB Saves  (currently at 20)
  • Catch Up on Blog Reading/Commenting (Feedly currently at 114)
  • Catch Up on Reviews (too many to count!)
  • Clean Out Email (currently at 54)

This list is my usual list of things to do, but really there are two additional projects that I will be focusing on this weekend . . . 
  • Operation #ReadSherlock:  I am hosting a month completely devoted to the infamous Sherlock during October!  We will be reading, watching, writing, and chatting about all things Sherlock and Watson, and I need to get the final details scheduled as well as starting to get the monthly specials scheduled as well!  In fact, I still have spots available for guests, so if you are interested let me know!!
  • Book Bloggers International (BBI) hosts RIP Reads:  Also during October, I am hosting a month of RIP Reads over at Book Bloggers International.  All the spooky, thrilling, suspenseful reads is what we will be chatting about, and sadly, I am just getting started on this project.  I have a lot of work to do, and we have LOTS of guest spots available for this one.  Holler at me if you want to talk about a specific book, a list of books, characters, or elements in any way!

Alright, it's time to open those garage doors for my garage sale, so I'm off.  I will be checking in periodically during the weekend on Twitter, so be sure to be following there.  I look forward to chatting with all of you!

Are you participating in Bloggiesta?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I love this event, so I had to start a few days early, with a short list that I've added to as I go along.


    1. Laurel-Rain Snow ... I love it too! I just wish I had more time to work on my long list. It is proving to be difficult to cross anything off this weekend!

  2. Happy Bloggiesta! I hope you get your list done. Bloggiesta is a great motivator :)

    1. Steph Gorelenore ... Same to you!! I won't finish the whole list, but I'm trying to get as much done as I possibly can.

  3. Were you able to get your list done or part of it?

    I hope you had a wonderful week this week.

    I mostly observed for my first Bloggiesta. I hope I can join in next time.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog

    1. Elizabeth ... I was able to get a good chunk completed. You can view my wrap-up post here:

      Hoping to see you jump in next time!!


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