Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Slew of July Events: Sit Down & Write and #Firemanalong and High Summer Readathon

July is here and so is a large number of events that I'm joining in!!  Let's dive in!!

Joe Hill recently released his latest novel, a dystopia that involves a lot of fire!  A group of us are reading The Fireman and sharing our thoughts and comments as we read.  It's very informal, and you can join in at any time during the month.  I'm not currently that far into the book, and I'm already really enjoying it.  Follow along with the conversation by checking out the hashtag #firemanalong on Twitter and Instagram.

Sit Down & Write 8
Also, throughout the month of July is a writing challenge hosted by Michelle of Stories Inside.  It's a great time to work on your writing goals, and boy, do I have goals.  Let me count the ways . . .
  1. BLOGGING:  I have so many reviews and discussion posts to write, and this is the month to catch up on it all!  I hope to sort through all the books, determine which books I want to write reviews of, and write, write, write!!  Be watching my Instagram account because I think I may ask for opinions on which books in particular you all would like to see me chat about here on the blog.
  2. JOURNALING:  I've been wanting to get back into journaling on a regular basis.  A little something every day, even if it is short and sweet.  Some have recommended bullet journaling to me.  I'm not sure if the full format is the right form for me, but I may try my own little version of it over the next few weeks.
  3. WRITING:  I have been digging through all the unpacked boxes, searching for my notes and novel ideas.  I want to get back to one of those stories that I have started, and begin to add more to the story that may eventually become my first completed novel.
Wish me luck on all these many goals!!  I'm looking forward to getting back to a regular writing schedule.

High Summer Readathon
Last, but not least, I will be participating in the High Summer Readathon hosted by Michelle of Seasons of Reading.  It will take place July 18-24, and there is really no specific reading requirements for the week but to have fun.  I am going to go into this week with no specific reading plan.  Instead, I am going to read on the fly this time around, and see where it takes me.  I will be posting updates on Twitter and Instagram (links on my sidebar!) throughout the week, but will share a wrap-up here on the blog once the event wraps up.

Will you be participating in any of these events?  If not, want to join me?!?


  1. I'm doing FiremanAlong too! I'm pretty far in now. It's a quick read since so much stuff happens. The pacing is very good.

    1. Chris bookarama ... And, I see that you finished!! I'm hoping to get in a good chunk of reading today. It's a cool, rainy day here and perfect for reading!

  2. These all sound delightfully low key. Have fun!

    1. Jenny ... Thank you! Want to join me for any of them?!?

  3. So glad you're joining in on both of my events!

    Regarding SDaW, I like your plans. I've been meaning to start journaling myself. I have a few journal prompt books on my Kindle I think I might utilize, or I may skim back through Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way and start doing morning pages. I've also been thinking about casually journaling my life, for my future generations, if nothing else. I'm getting ready to post an update at Stories Inside for SDaW, sharing some exciting news of my own.

    Good luck with the writing...and reading. :)

    1. Michelle Miller ... I will be watching for the post! I can't wait to hear your exciting news.

      So far, I'm not doing really great on any of my goals. I need to get to it. Establishing that routine is always the hardest part for me.


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