Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer 2016 Mini Bloggiesta

It's time for another Bloggiesta, and it's perfect timing for me to catch up on some much needed blog maintenance this weekend!

What is Bloggiesta?  It is a designated amount of time (for this mini event, it will be a weekend only) for bloggers to work on sprucing up their blogs and catching up on their overflowing to-do lists.  For more information, check out the dedicated blog here.

My list is a long one, but I'm hoping to get to some much needed tasks over the weekend.  In fact, I may take a bit of time on Friday to begin the work.  I will need all the time I can get!

  • Back-up Blog 
  • Back-up Template 
  • Update Books Read in 2016
  • Update A-Z Review Index 
  • Update BBI Blog Index 
  • Update BBI Guest Post Index 
  • Clean Out TO READ Notebook (currently at 5)
  • Clean Out FB Saves (currently at 196!!)
  • Catch Up on Blog Reading/Commenting (currently at 130)
  • Catch Up on Reviews

That final item on the list is what I really need to focus on this weekend.  I need to sit down and determine which books I plan to write discussion posts on, which ones I can combine into some shorter mini review posts, and ones that I want to devote full posts to.  The other items should be pretty quick fixes because I have been trying to stay more up-to-date on those since the last Bloggiesta event.  Wish me luck!

Will you be participating in the Bloggiesta event this weekend?  If so, what are your goals?


  1. Amazing list! Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for sharing. My post is on Curl up and Read.

    1. Laurel-Rain Snow ... Thank you! I hope you have a great weekend as well.

  2. Have fun. I need to participate and get my blog under control but I don't have time this weekend! Grrrr!

    1. Jenny ... You should totally create your own little bloggiesta on your own then. Find a weekend or a couple of days that work, and start marking items off your list!!

  3. Glad you are joining in on this small party!

  4. The header on your blog is so colorful and pretty :) great list! Wishing you the best of luck!

    1. He Said Books Or Me ... Thank you!! Same to you, if you are participating!


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