Friday, June 17, 2016

#SchoolsOutRAT Wrap-Up

The School's Out Readathon has officially ended!  What a week it was!  If you participated in the event, be sure to let me know how you did by linking up below or leaving a comment with your progress.

As for my progress, I am pleased with the results and I had a great relaxing time in the process!  Here are the details from the week.  I had a slow start, but it definitely picked up by the end of the event.

Friday, June 10
Minutes Listened = 13 minutes
Pages Read = 4 pages

Saturday, June 11 
Minutes Listened = 0 minutes
Pages Read = 55 pages

Sunday, June 12
Minutes Listened = 0 minutes
Pages Read = 165 pages

Monday, June 13 
Minutes Listened = 127 minutes
Pages Read = 0 pages

Tuesday, June 14
Minutes Listened = 40 minutes
Pages Read = 0 pages

Wednesday, June 15
Minutes Listened = 192 minutes
Pages Read = 80 pages

Thursday, June 16
Minutes Listened = 210 minutes
Pages Read = 189 pages

TOTAL MINUTES LISTENED = 582 minutes (9 hours, 42 minutes)
TOTAL PAGES READ = 493 pages

Now, it's your turn!  Let me know how your week in reading went!

Did you participate in the School's Out Readathon?  If not, how was your reading in general?

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  1. Definitely got better near the end! I probably read 20 pages all week. :(


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