Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones

Last month, Kristen at We Be Reading celebrated DWJ March once again - a month devoted to the great author, Diana Wynne Jones.  Kristen was the one who first introduced me to DWJ, and it was her read-along this year that influenced my reading of my latest DWJ book, Enchanted Glass.

We are first introduced to Andrew, a young professor on the night his grandfather dies.  After inheriting his grandfather's home and all its possessions and responsibilities, Andrew is determined to write a book.  However, his magical past has completely different plans for him.

That's when we meet Aidan.  In a week's worth of time, this young boy's grandmother dies, he is shipped off to foster care, he is pursued by strange beings, and escapes, landing on Andrew's doorstep.

With the assistance of the household employees and community members, Andrew and Aidan set out to discover their real magical purpose before disaster strikes.

DWJ brings us the beauty of magic through her unusual beings - lovable and villainous - as well as her amazing characters.  Her imagination takes us to lands that her mere human readers can only wish to inhabit.  Her unforgettable characters are ones we hate to leave behind after turning that final page.  Enchanted Glass is no different.  It's a sweet story that leaves me with only one complaint -- why can't there be a sequel so I can keep discovering more behind these characters?!?

Have you met Andrew, Aidan, and the rest of the community surrounding Melstone House?  Who were some of your favorite characters?  What did you think of this tale?


  1. I always wish there were sequels when I finish reading a Diana Wynne Jones book. But even when she does sequels, there's never enough of your favorite characters: She's always moved on to explore some other aspect of the world she's created.

    Glad you liked this!

    1. Jenny @ Reading the End ... I have not yet read any of her sequels, but I do have the next one after Howl's Moving Castle. Sometimes when I love a book sooooo much, I have a hard time reading the rest of the series because I'm worried that it just won't be as good. Weird, right?!?


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