Friday, October 4, 2013

Confessions by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

James Patterson brings us a new detective series with co-author Maxine Paetro, but this time for the teen crowd.  Confessions follows the infamous and wealthy Angel family, both parents and children known for their eccentricities.

We are first introduced to the Angel family in Confessions of a Murder Suspect.  Malcolm and Maud (the parents) are found dead in their expensive high-rise apartment, one that is well acquainted with famous murders.  Their four children (Matt, Tandy, Harry, and Hugo) and a personal assistant are the likeliest of suspects for a multitude of reasons.  Tandy takes it upon himself to try to solve her parents' murder, even if the culprit ends up being herself.

In the sequel, Confessions:  The Private School Murders, we revisit the Angel family a few months after their parents' deaths.  One of the siblings is in jail, poisonous snakes and spiders are found lurking in their apartment, and to top it off, a classmate from the Angel's private school is found murdered.  Tandy digs in those heels once again, determined to solve the enigmas surrounding her, even despite the danger she may encounter along the way.

The Angel family is one that is unique, to say the least; one that most people could not normally relate to in any way.  I was first hesitant about being able to really dive into this book because of this lack of relating to the main characters.  However, Patterson and Paetro quickly turned these characters inside out; instead of viewing them from the outside, they created sympathetic characters as their secrets and turmoils were revealed.  Combine the insider's views with Patterson's usual short chapters, and I found myself unable to put down either of these books.  The sequel only improved as the characters became more complex and new ones introduced.  In fact, I read both of these titles in less than three days!

If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller, filled with suspense at every turn, I would recommend you pick up Confessions of a Murder Suspect.  Unfortunately, you will have to wait until Tuesday, October 7, 2013 for Confessions:  The Private School Murders.  I think it will be worth the wait though!

Thank you to Little, Brown and Big Honcho Media for reviews copies of both of these books!

Have you read Tandy's murder confessionals yet?  What is your favorite Patterson book or collaboration?


  1. I still don't know if Patterson writes any of his books anymore, but they still intrigue me. They are fast reads. This sounds like a cool new series, too.

    1. Becca Lostinbooks ... I recently wrote something about him for a freelance gig. In my research, I have read in multiple places that he still plays a large part. He writes the outlines, the co-author writes the details, and they work together. He ultimately has the final say in everything though I think.


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