Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Y: The Last Man (The Deluxe Edition Books Three, Four, and Five) by Brian K. Vaughn

Yorick Brown, the last man on Earth returns!  

The Deluxe Edition:  Book Three

Yorick's sister, Hero returns in Book Three as she attempts to track down her brother.  Yorick begins to discover the truth behind why he was spared from the gendercide, and the usual trio takes their journey overseas to find a cure.

The Deluxe Edition:  Book Four

In Book Four, we delve more into the history of Agent 355, Yorick ends up in Australia to search for his long-lost Beth, and they end up in Japan to finally get the answers they have been looking for.  

The Deluxe Edition:  Book Five

Book Five is the big finale.  Questions are answered.  Lives are lost and lives are saved.

I could not get through these books fast enough.  I loved the wit, the illustrations, and the overall story.  Yorick's personality and sarcasm won me over in Book One and held me all the way through to the end.  I adored the trio of Yorick combined with Agent 355 and Dr. Mann.  My only issue with Vaughn's story is the end.  I was left only with  . . .

NOOOOOO!  How could you do that?!?

And yet, it sadly made sense to me.  BUT, I don't have to like it . . . yet, I do.  I loved the series, even despite the dissonance I continue to feel all these months later!

Have you read Vaughn's tale of gendercide?  Without spoilers, what did you think about the ending and the story as a whole?  (If you want to talk with spoilers, email me!)


  1. I LOVED these books. I gobbled them up (I read the TPB format) one after the other, all ten in a row. The ending upset me so much... but you're right, it did make sense. What an amazing series! So complex, such a great cast of characters, fantastic world-building! I'm so glad to see someone else loving these as much as I did!


    1. ... They were so much fun, very witty, and yet, complicated. I would love to own my own copies of these ones. I can see myself revisiting them in the future!

  2. Whyyyyyyy did the end happen? It made me so sad, the totally Joss Whedonish ending that happened. But I thought the books were really great as a whole -- I didn't love some of the plotlines with the Amazons, but apart from that I loved it.

    1. Jenny @ Reading the End ... The ending made me so very sad too. And, it totally took me by surprise. Still, an amazing series!!


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