Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guest Article: YA Summer Recommendations by Maria L. Hughes

Today, I am on the road traveling into the West, but I have a return guest to share her reading recommendations for your young adult.  Please welcome back Maria L. Hughes of!


5 New Release Books That Will Entertain Your Young Adult This Summer 

Summer brings a break from school and extra free time for kids, and reading can be a great way to both entertain and continue education. So, what books can you buy to get your young adult child reading? These 5 new releases will hook them in and keep them reading all summer!

Theodore Boone: The Activist 
A new installment by John Grisham to the Theodore Boone series, The Activist has the child lawyer battling political and environmental issues. He uncovers the corruption behind some of these issues, and must fight for what he feels is right. This book will not only keep your child entertained but also get them thinking about what they would do when those tough moral issues arise.

The Testing
If your pre-teen enjoyed The Hunger Games books, then they will love this new release from Joelle Charbonneau. The Testing follows Cia as she frets over whether or not she will be chosen for The Testing, in which the best students are chosen to become leaders of a revitalizing civilization. After being chosen, Cia’s father reveals his past nightmares from when he was once in The Testing. Despite these warnings, Cia sets of on her new journey. The good news is this novel will become a series, so if your child breezes through quickly there is plenty more to come this summer! 

The Tragedy Paper
Elizabeth Laban’s release is the perfect combination of mystery and friendship. The story follows Tim Macbeth, a mysterious new student at a school with the motto “Enter here to be and find a friend”. Despite his efforts to resist, Tim finds himself in a relationship with the most popular student. However, first they must finish the Tragedy Paper a thesis given by the toughest teacher in the school. The secrets kept between the pages of this story will enthrall young adults. 

A realistic description of young adult life comes from Andrew Smith’s novel that your child will connect with. The book follows Ryan West at boarding school, rooming with one of the meanest students. Written with a sense of humor, the story tests Ryan’s ability to hold onto his values when he feels everything has fallen apart. 

Popular young adult author Jessica Brody is back with an emotional new sci-fi release. Based on the story of a girl who is the only known survivor of an airline crash, Seraphina has no memories and can’t explain what happened. She struggles to understand the world she is in, Seraphina must rediscover who she is and what this world means.

Although summer brings more free time for your child, don’t stress about how to fill their time. These new books will keep them hooked all summer, entertaining them and providing the many benefits that reading has to offer!

 +Maria L Hughes is a children’s book enthusiast, parent, and online publisher for She enjoys blogging about reading and classic bedtime stories for kids. is the best full independent store on the internet that is 100% dedicated to juvenile literature.


Thank you Maria for the recommendations!  I look forward to checking these out for myself!!

If you have not seen Maria's previous guest article here at Tif Talks Books, be sure to check out her thoughts and recommendations on Controversial Children's Books.


  1. I can attest to the awesomeness of both The Testing and Unremembered. Both were Bloggers Recommend selections by more than one person and are just great, fast, intense reads.

    1. Michelle S ... Definitely adding these books to my TBR!!

  2. My children are not teenagers yet, but these books sound like something I would love to read. I'm definitely adding them to my list! Thanks for the great recommendations.

    1. Laura's Reviews ... Glad you are interested in the recommendations!! They've been added to my list as well! :)


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