Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Maunder: June 24, 2013


Guess what I'm still reading?!?  Yep.  Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell!  I know you all are surprised!  One of these days, I will actually finish this book!!  Don't get me wrong.  I am really enjoying this story, but the book is a chunkster and it has footnotes!!!

What are you (still) reading these days?


I actually wrote a couple of things for the blog this week!!  Granted, I have been meaning to write these things for quite a while, but I can now say that they are officially done!  Now, I just need to get caught up on some reviews.  That is what I am working on over the next couple of evenings.  In the meantime, I encourage you to check out what is to come in the next year for me as well as my new summer feature, The Postcard Adventure!  I am really excited to share in my travels with all of you with this latter one!!

Have you signed up for The Postcard Adventure yet?!?


Last week, I was excited to report that I finally got all caught up on my freelance pieces and sent them off.  One has published and the other two should be published this week.  Be sure to head on over and check out my interview with Fiona Paul, debut author of Venom!  I will share the other articles next week when I have the live links!

I also wanted to share my new favorite website to read on a daily basis.  I discovered Writers Write thanks to Amateur Novelist and have already come across numerous resources that I have been taking notes on!  They provide daily writing quotes, prompts, comics, and resources that I am just gobbling up!  If you are a writer of any sort, you should definitely check this one out!

What is your favorite writing website/blog to follow these days?


It's moving week!!!  We load our truck on Saturday and head out!!  The next weekly check-in will be written in a different state and I will be hitting the road for our little family adventure!!  I cannot wait!!  With all the stress of these past months/years, I am ready for a change and a little getaway!  I will be trying to schedule some posts in my absence, but don't be surprised if the blog stays a little quiet for the next month.  I will still try to post weekly check-ins as well as some pictures from the road though, and will definitely be back in August for your reading pleasure!

What are you looking forward to this week?  Any exciting news on your homefront?


  1. Funny you should mention writing sites/blogs. I've been looking for something like my own blog, writers actively posting about their novel progress. So far, no luck.

    As far as summer, let's just say that I'll be glad when it's over. ;) Good news though, my oldest should be back tomorrow!

    1. Amateur Novelist ... I'm hoping to do at least something of the sort when I start back to writing in August! I do follow a couple of other blogs that talk about writing, but it's still not quite the same as your's. If you are interested in links, let me know and I will share them with you! Maybe this would be a good post for August actually!

      Good luck with your summer!! And yeah that your oldest will be home soon!

    2. That would be great! I found one this morning. No, it's not exactly like mine--better. :) is the author of Make A Scene. Love her book and love her posts.

    3. Amateur Novelist ... I will check that one out! Here are a couple that I follow, one being from a local writer's group.

      The Writers' Lens:

      This isn't rocket science:

      Keep me posted if you find any others!!

    4. I think I did actually:

      I'm off to check the ones you've recommended. Thank you!

    5. Amateur Novelist ... Oooohhh, the first post alone caught my attention! I'm excited to read more of this site! Thank you!


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